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What does Infrared Repair Actually Co$t?

What does Infrared Repair Actually Co$t?

At this point most contractors are familiar with what infrared repair is and how it works. One thing that is not often discussed is the actual cost to perform an infrared repair. The general rule of thumb and what most manufacturers will say, including KM...

Infrared Asphalt Repair

Infrared Asphalt Repair

The solution for many needs By Jeff Winke Even squinting hard through lenses Windex-clean with glasses firmly planted on the nose, it isn’t possible to see infrared. It’s at a wavelength just greater than that of the red end of the visible light spectrum. There are no...

Winter  Prep

Winter Prep

Time to methodically shut down, prepare for next year By Jeff Winke Time to shut down for winter. Busy production season has finally ended and most would love to turn it all off and walk away until Spring shows any first signs. But that voice of reason in your head...

Is It Time For  A New Piece  Of Equipment?

Is It Time For A New Piece Of Equipment?

The answer may surprise you. By Brian Hall 2023 has certainly been a great year to be in the asphalt business. What started out to be the most significant supply chain challenge we may ever see has turned into a hot market. As a manufacturer, we have had to juggle...

Asphalt Repairs with Infrared Technology

Asphalt Repairs with Infrared Technology

By Marvin Joles III and Chris Giese We have been fortunate as of late at Blacktop Banter to have recently spent some time creating content about Infrared Asphalt repairs for some of the leading Infrared Equipment Manufacturers in the Asphalt Industry. While I (Marvin)...