A little investment can go a long way, says KM

Every business owner in the pavement industry is always looking for ways to expand their service offerings to clients. Infrared repair has long been touted as one of those additional revenue streams. Whether you are a sealcoater, paver, line striper or any other pavement-related service, integrating infrared repair into your business can be easy, profitable, and help grow your existing business. As a leader in infrared repair technology and equipment, KM International has continually promoted the various uses of the infrared repair process and the many benefits it offers to its customers. “Infrared repair holds a variety of different uses and applications within the pavement maintenance industry,” says Michael Blake, Director of Marketing for KM International. “It is our goal to help people realize that no matter what their main line of business is, infrared repair can easily be integrated into their existing business.”

Here are some practical examples of how KM’s technology has helped different sides of the industry:

Sealcoaters: If you are only offering sealcoating you are missing out on a ton of potential profit. Many sealcoaters are often content on just subcontracting all the patch work and solely focusing on sealcoating. With a $30,000 investment in an infrared and hotbox reclaimer you can easily integrate infrared repair into your business model. You can then start offering repair services and putting those additional profits in your pocket — instead of subcontracting it out to competitors.

Pavers: Although most pavers will say they never make mistakes, they do. Whether it is a roller mark, a low spot holding water or a cold seam, an infrared machine can rectify these issues quickly and easily. This will satisfy your customer and alleviate any dispute regarding the quality of the paving job when payment time comes.

New Business Start Ups: For those looking to break into the pavement maintenance industry there are few opportunities as lucrative (and inexpensive) than infrared repair. By investing roughly $30,000 in an infrared machine and hotbox, a new contractor can go out and easily start generating revenue and grow a business from the ground up.

Line Stripers: You are missing out on a huge opportunity if you own a line striping company but aren’t offering additional pavement services. As a well-established company, you have a list of customers that you already know need your services. So why not offer patching services with an infrared and hotbox? Don’t stop at line striping; you can do the repair work, sealcoating work and, of course, the line striping. Offering infrared repair will give you an advantage over other companies in your area because you can now offer all the essential services to complete a job from start to finish. No need to contract out any of the work.

Unrelated services (Concrete, Lawn Care, Etc.): Arguably one of the hardest parts of running a successful business is acquiring new customers. The more services you offer, the easier it will be to appeal to a broader customer base. Say you already have a solid customer base for your landscaping business. If you add infrared repair to your offered services, you’ll be starting with a whole list of potential clients already compiled (and vice versa; if you get new customers for your pavement repair, you can cross market to them for your landscaping services).

Although infrared repair has always been a service specific to just pavement maintenance companies, it does have several uses outside of just repair work. The appeal of infrared repair is based on its low cost and high success rates, and can be easily integrated into several diverse business applications as outlined above.

As one of the industry’s leading infrared manufacturers, KM International is routinely helping contractors of various backgrounds and skill levels seamlessly integrate infrared repair into their existing business plans. “Infrared repair has been proven to be a successful method for asphalt repairs,” said Blake. “Now it is our goal to help contractors realize the added monetary, and convenience benefits it can bring to a business.”

KM International is not just a manufacturer; its entire staff is dedicated to educating its contractors and formulating a plan of action to seamlessly integrate infrared repair into their businesses. From the actual purchase of the equipment, to the marketing and acquiring of new customers, KM International is here to help them find more business — and success — than ever before.

Contact us to learn more about Infrared Asphalt Repair. At KM International, we know firsthand how beneficial the infrared asphalt repair method can be to businesses of all sizes. In addition to improving profit margins while being able to work all year long, you can trust that the repair will last longer and be more durable than other options.

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