Parking Lot Repair for Pacific Living Property in California

Pacific Living Properties, an apartment community company with properties in California, Montana and Washington, regularly uses Aquaphalt for repairs on their sites. Aquaphalt is a revolutionary permanent asphalt and concrete repair material that can be poured straight from the bucket, sprinkled with plain water from a hose or a bucket, and tamped down into the hole or problem area. It begins to harden immediately and is fully cured by the next day.

In this particular patch, Jay Tew, Pacific Living Properties Regional Maintenance Supervisor for California, and his very small team had to deal with a large leak in an underground potable water line in the parking lot of one of Pacific Living’s major California properties. After cutting the asphalt, digging down about four feet and repairing the line, they filled the large hole, and leaving two inches at the top they first covered the area with Aquaphalt 9.0, the coarse grade of Aquaphalt patch material, watered it and tamped it into place. Next, they spread Aquaphalt 4.0, the fine grade of Aquaphalt material on the top, watered and tamped that layer. Tew and one other co-worker used 14 buckets of Aquaphalt and the job was complete in a little under two hours.

“Aquaphalt has been a great product we use on our properties routinely. It is very effective in patching potholes or deteriorated asphalt, and I especially like that there are different types of aggregate depending upon the application I am using it for,” says Tew. “Often times repairs are needed but it’s very inconvenient to shut down large sections of parking lots. I love that shortly after Aquaphalt has been tamped down, you can drive right over it. We also can handle the repairs quickly ourselves, without having to re-pave entire lots or come back later and do the patch again because we used cheap cold patch.”

As labor costs continue to rise, it no longer makes sense to make the same repair twice. Making an asphalt repair with a cheap, temporary cold patch, and then coming back with hot asphalt and a huge paving crew at a later time is very costly. With Aquaphalt, the repair is made properly the first time and maintenance services don’t need to mobilize a paving crew or any large equipment. It can also be laid directly from its container by one person and installation is as easy as pour, water, tamp.

Aquaphalt can be installed in any weather including very hot temperatures and below freezing temperatures. And Aquaphalt is 100% environmentally friendly and is backed by a 3-year warranty.

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