Innovations bring expanded pavement marking solutions

Hog Technologies is melting away the competition with its line of thermoplastic equipment! Whether you need something mounted to a chassis, to a skid, or something small and compact, Hog Technologies has your Total Pavement Solution.

It all began with a desire to melt and apply thermoplastic more efficiently. After years of research and testing, the Themo Hog was born!

These systems were designed with YOU in mind and provides a much safer operation. With thermoplastic never having the chance to be exposed to open flame, and never exceeding the melting threshold of 550 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s without a doubt the safest option for your operators.

The Thermo Hog
• Designed like no other melting system in the industry!
• Has the ability to continuously melt with no down time whatsoever.
• With temperatures never exceeding 550 degrees, melted glass beads and scorched or wasted materials are a thing of the past.
• Go from cold to working on the job in only one hour’s time – the quickest start up in the industry!
• Utilizes the revolutionary Hog Pump – designed specifically for thermoplastic with proven reliability over multiple years.

Available in three sizes! Capacities start at 4,000 lbs. and range all the way up to 16,000 lbs. to handle all sizes of long line work! With two kettles per truck, you can house up to 32,000 lbs. or thermoplastic and melt them at rates up to 24,000 lbs. per hour!

One operator shared, “[in one day] we did 204,000 feet of 120 mil. yellow and 90 mil white, out of 3,500lbs. kettles. People will say that it’s not real, but it’s real!”

Introducing the newest members of the Thermo Hog family!

The New Thermo Skids accommodate striping needs on smaller jobs!
• Available in single kettle or dual kettle set ups
• Sizes as small as a twin 1,250 lbs. skid all the way up to an 8,000 lbs. skid.
• Feature the same quick melting technology as the chassis mounted Thermo Hog
• Ready to mount to your vehicle or other apparatus.
• Melt at rates of 2,000, 6,000, and 8,000 lbs. per hour, respectively
• Optional conveyor belt to load material and reduce worker fatigue and strain.

The new Mini Hog – ride-along striping system!
• Comes ready to stripe on parking lots, in warehouses, on detail jobs and more!
• Slightly larger than a John Deere tractor, this small machine can melt thermoplastic and apply it to the pavement without having to feed the thermoplastic from a separate application vehicle or device.
• Customizable shoe applicator with adjustable line widths!

Hog Technologies stands behind their products and commitment to being there for you for anything, anytime, anywhere – with 24/7 technical support and the guarantee that 98% of all spare parts orders are shipped the same day they’re received.

With these innovations, Hog Technologies has expanded its pavement marking lane with a wide variety of versatile solutions for any marking job. What began as the Thermo Hog has now become a family of thermoplastic products bringing unmatched innovation and performance – just another reason why Hog Technologies is YOUR Total Pavement Solution!

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