Carlson Paving Products is now Astec — but don’t expect a change in quality or dependability

By Jeff Winke

For more than 30 years, Tacoma-based Carlson Paving Products, Inc. has built a name as a leader in commercial paving equipment. That didn’t stop when Carlson was purchased by Astec Industries in 2000, as the company continued to manufacture industry-best equipment for contractors across the country.

Now, that name is changing — but not the approach that earned it such a strong reputation.

Carlson Paving Products, Inc. has rebranded with its parent company, Astec. That means the same quality commercial paving equipment is now sold under the Astec brand name.

Founded in 1972 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Astec began as an asphalt mixing and paving manufacturing company. The company eventually acquired numerous brands across road building, aggregate, forestry and other industries.

For decades, the many subsidiary brands owned by Astec had historically operated independently. However, the machinery manufacturing company began rebranding in March 2020 with a “Simplify, Focus and Grow” strategy designed to streamline business, concentrate on customers and expand as a primary solution for the road building industry.

“The rebrand enables us to build our strength together under one common name and purpose,” explained Astec’s President and CEO, Barry Ruffalo.

A new logo and contemporary color scheme have been introduced as part of the rebranding effort. Online, the company’s many subsidiary websites have been consolidated into one website that provides resources and information on all the Astec product lines. This merger makes it easier for customers to access information in one convenient online location.

From crushing the rocks and clearing the land, to paving our neighborhood streets and interstates, Astec products are centered around the complete rock-to-road process. Now unified, Astec will provide simplified solutions that physically connect the world around us.

Same Pavers with a New Look
What’s in a name? When it comes to Carlson, words such as “quality” and “dependability” come to mind. Because of that, Astec isn’t doing away with the Carlson name altogether. Instead, it will now be incorporated into the model names of the pavers in order to pay homage to Carlson’s long-established brand and loyal customers. Additionally, the yellow paint color of the Carlson equipment will be updated to a bright white tone to align with the new branding of Astec, but the same quality and top-of-its-class performance of the machines will endure.

One example of Astec’s superior quality production and performance is the Carlson CP130 Commercial Class Paver. This commercial-class paver delivers a precise mat quality in a heavy-duty commercial package with unmatched performance. This paver features a 130-horsepower (97kW) Cummins® Tier IV Final engine, and a EZCSS single slide screed with a width that ranges from eight to 15 feet.

The CP130 includes heavy-duty wear components and class-exclusive armrest controls. In addition, the legendary extension support system and award-winning paving performance make this commercial-class paver comparable to highway-class models.

Applications for the CP130 include commercial, residential paving and motorsports paving. It specifically excels in paving driveways, municipal job sites, county roadways and more.

Connected to Customers
Astec’s customer-centered culture provides comprehensive service before, during and after the purchasing process to ensure all customers’ needs are met. This approach is a benefit, but more importantly, it also offers customers a relationship and a partnership they can rely on.

The rebrand will increase this connection, said Ruffalo.

“By coming together as one organization, we can offer greater customer service and drive innovation.”

An example of Astec’s commitment to building this connection with customers is its continued training, education, and support. These in-person and online opportunities offer valuable insight and ongoing education. This benefit allows contractors, technicians and operators to advance their knowledge and skills in this competitive and modern market.

Paving the Way
The global manufacturing company will sustain its long-term vision of designing and building state-of-the-art machinery created for an ever-changing world. Astec has progressed its technology through decades of hard-earned experience and continues to lead the industry in expertise and innovation.

Given the name Carlson has built for itself, Astec’s newly branded line of pavers will continue to expand on its vision of excellence and innovation in the paving industry.

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