Low Temperature Cure Additive

Complementing its line of high-performance additives, STAR has introduced LTCA (Low Temperature Cure Additive), which is designed for sealcoatings to optimally cure under cooler ambient and surface temperatures, as encountered in early spring and late fall.

When sealer is applied at cooler temperatures, binder particles, being thermoplastic, become too stiff to sufficiently fuse and knit for the formation of a good, impervious film. Sealer film formed under such conditions are likely to have micro voids (holes), thus prone to be attacked by water and chemicals. The specialty chemicals in LTCA plasticize and coalesce binder and polymer components in the sealer for a complete film formation. LTCA is not a fast-drying additive. Contrarily, it keeps the sealer film sufficiently open for allowing the binder particles to soften and fuse, for forming a continuous, dense film.

STAR LTCA improves the overall color, performance, and durability of sealcoatings. It is recommended for sealcoating in early spring, late fall where the ambient conditions of temperature, humidity and dew point are generally unfavorable for sealcoating application. It will extend your sealcoating season in early spring and late fall.

STAR LTCA was released after thorough research and field trials. Please contact STAR at 800-7591-1912 and visit www.starseal.com for literature and plant locations.