at World of Asphalt 2024

SAKAI America made a splash at World of Asphalt 2024 with the introduction of two groundbreaking machines:

The first production SW884ND 79-inch asphalt roller featuring Guardman® safety technology:

  • Guardman goes beyond basic proximity sensors. Integrated directly into the roller’s hydraulics during production, it detects objects and personnel not just behind the machine, but also in front, automatically slowing or stopping the roller to prevent collisions.
  • This intelligent system functions in various conditions, including near walls, at night, and even through dust and steam.
  • Notably, this model boasts both front and rear detection/braking, unlike smaller SAKAI Guardman models that solely rely on rearward monitoring due to their size and improved visibility.

A prototype electric walk-behind double drum roller co-developed with Honda:

  • – This innovative roller utilizes Honda’s Mobile Power Pack e system, a removable and swappable lithium-ion battery system. This eliminates “charge anxiety” as batteries can be conveniently swapped on-site and charged during off-hours without needing to move the entire machine.


SAKAI America: A Legacy of Compaction Solutions
For over five decades, SAKAI America has been a trusted name in the domestic US & Canadian construction industries, delivering reliable, easy-to-use, and durable asphalt rollers, soil compactors, and other compaction equipment through its extensive dealer network.

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