Prepare your sealer for cooler weather.

By Mark McLeod

Now is the time when pavement maintenance contractors should be reaching out to property managers regarding getting their parking lot maintenance completed prior to winter! Approach them with your program/pricing for reducing their parking lot liability. Potholes, cracks, sealcoating and directional line marking are a must prior to winter. Property managers are now negotiating their snow plowing and snow removal in the northern sector of the USA, so send out your maintenance solicitation notices and deploy your sales staff now to reach these managers about getting this critical maintenance done. Most managers have been working on their roofing, landscaping and pool budgets for 2020, so now is when you want to get in there and sign them up. If you don’t sign them up now, at least you will have your proposal in there for future pavement maintenance work and for their budgeting purposes. As fall comes so does the cool nights and overcast days. This is especially time for adding additives to your sealer mix design to help set your sealer film in marginal cooler weather. I have contractors that claim they have extended their sealing season up to an additional month by incorporating 2% Fass Dri in their mix design. Maintenance Inc. has distributors that can service your additive needs. As fall comes in, contractors must realize just how sensitive sealer is to cool weather. I recommend you try and use up your sealer as fast as possible and get fresh sealer from your supplier as needed to finish up your end of season projects, as to not have sealer sitting around all winter in your heated shops. And remember Additives, cold pour crack sealant, paints as well all must be kept from freezing and should be stored in a warm environment if you must store them for the winter.

Contact your sealer supplier or Maintenance Inc. direct at 800-892-6701 if you need advice on proper material handling for winter. Well the trade shows will be in the planning shortly, please support our industry trade shows and attend with your key personnel to learn what’s going on in our industry. “Happy sealing.”

Mark McLeod
President/CEO Maintenance Inc.