Develops Customized Engine for Puckett Equipment’s Asphalt Pavers

YANMAR Mastry Engine Center has developed a highly customized engine for the latest Puckett Equipment asphalt pavers.

Florida-based system integrators Mastry adapted the 3TNV88C-DYEM YANMAR Tier 4F engine to create a unique solution when Puckett decided to upgrade the engine driving its 500 Series pavers from EPA Tier 4I to EPA Tier 4F.

Following the creation of an approved 3-D model, Mastry’s engineers moved the service side of the engine to the opposite side and incorporated special drain hose panels as an extra feature, developing the production unit in under 60 days.

Paul Puckett, of Puckett Equipment Inc., said: “We selected YANMAR and Mastry because of the need to find a proven Tier 4 diesel engine that would fit on our pavers without a lot of structural changes. Weight, dimensions, and horsepower were critical. Being in the industry for so long, we had heard the great reviews of the YANMAR engines that Mastry markets.

“After contacting Mastry and other dealers, we selected Mastry because of the efforts and solutions made by their sales and engineering departments to supply us with an engine that would meet our requirements. The sales department came up with a unit that had the hp and dimensions we needed. The engineering department designed modifications we needed to successfully mount the engine into our pavers. We were very pleased with the final result.”

Mastry’s specific, application-focused approach to solving problems is the key to ensuring customer satisfaction.
Arley Bedellion, Industrial Sales Manager, Mastry, said: “Our solution for Puckett Equipment is one example of the way we are prepared to commit to the extra design and development work for each individual customer. We will always take time to research our customers’ applications and provide them with a complete package.”

With an ECU-controlled common rail direct-injection system, the 35hp YANMAR engine is compliant with EPA Tier 4 exhaust emissions regulations. It also assures more precise fuel delivery and control and a superior exhaust treatment system, for increased fuel economy, reduced emissions and improved performance.

YANMAR Mastry Engine Center, for engine distribution, engineering and part support, has the experience and expertise to supply equipment and create individualized packages that are uniquely adapted for each application. Mastry is dedicated to finding the best solution for its customers, assisting with all aspects from electronics to drive train, PTOs, 3-D modelling, harnessing, Research & Development and testing.
For more than 50 years, the Puckett family has successfully manufactured small asphalt pavers. Puckett’s current 500 Series Models – 560 and 580 – provide quality, plus ease of operation and maintenance, to ensure the company leads the way in its field. Puckett Equipment Inc is located at Loganville, Georgia.

About YANMAR Mastry Engine Center
Mastry Engine Center (MEC) was founded in 1962 by D. Eugene Mastry and provides market-leading sales, engineering, service, repower and parts support covering a wide range of engine, powertrain and equipment applications for the marine and industrial sectors. Distributing primarily in the south-eastern United States and Caribbean, Florida-based MEC is one of the largest distributors for YANMAR diesel engines and is the leading Suzuki engine dealer in the US through its Suzuki Repower business. The company also distributes JCB industrial diesel engines, Torqeedo electric propulsion options and MasPower generators, pumps and other products, in addition to offering an extensive spare parts portfolio.

MEC is well equipped to optimize performance, cost, service and reliability for its marine and industrial partners through its extensive network of more than 200 dealers, supporting OEMs and repower markets with equipment applications and advanced power solutions. Delivering excellent customer service with a continued focus on technical training and specialist skills, MEC is dedicated to developing innovative customized solutions for challenging gas and diesel engine applications and installations.

Acquired by YANMAR in 2012, MEC now hosts the US-based YANMAR Recreational Marine of Americas (YRMA), a branch of YANMAR’s only global business unit, YANMAR Marine International. YRMA continues to expand and support the recreational and light duty commercial marine industry of the growing North and South American markets.

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