with the 800 PAVEMENT Network

Learning how to grow your brand and position your business for success can be challenging, especially when you’re not aware of the tremendous opportunity the 800 PAVEMENT Network offers. As a network, we bring together industry leaders and pavement professionals to connect, network and learn from each other. We share best practices, industry knowledge and experiences that are catered to you and your company.
The 800 PAVEMENT Network was founded in 2005 by Mike Musto, CEO of U.S. Pavement Services, Inc. After branding the 1-800-PAVEMENT phone number on all of the company’s trucks, job signs, equipment, and printed literature, Mike saw his business triple as a direct result of his 1-800-PAVEMENT phone number, and U.S. Pavement Services became the founding member of the 800 PAVEMENT Network. Today, the network includes more than 250 pavement professionals who combine to employ more than 8,000 people and have topped $1.4 billion in sales.
The growth of the network begins with the unleashing of the industry’s most powerful and effective marketing tool: An easy-to-remember, toll-free phone number that is exclusive to your company in your area of service. It is, perhaps, the best way to grow your business and generate more leads.

Easy-to-Remember Phone Numbers
We give you access to the most memorable phone number in the industry with all calls going directly to you. When you brand your toll-free number on your trucks, equipment, jobs signs, and marketing material, it becomes very easy for your customers to remember the number and call you directly.
It is an excellent branding tool for your company and is one of the easiest forms of marketing and generating leads. Our network received a total of 44,000 calls in 2019. That’s 44,000 leads across the U.S. and Canada, and it only takes one call to pay for the entire year.
Using a memorable vanity phone number gives you a competitive edge and instantly separates you from your competition.

Buying Programs
The 800 PAVEMENT Network has built exclusive partnerships with companies like General Motors, Sherwin Williams, Sunbelt Rentals and TRUX, among others, to offer huge discounts and savings to all network members. Vendors want to work with the 800 PAVEMENT Network because of the power of the group. With over 4,300 trucks, it was an obvious fit for GM to partner with the network. Many members have taken advantage of the partnership and have saved thousands of dollars.

Our buying programs continue to grow, and we are adding some amazing suppliers that can benefit our members even further. The power of having a nationwide network and a national buying program that supports all our members is critical for success. It gives you and your business the opportunity to directly improve your bottom line by saving thousands of dollars each year on equipment and supplies.

Networking Events
Every member of the 800 PAVEMENT Network is invited to our annual network night at the National Pavement Expo in Nashville, TN. Each year, we host our Network Meeting to celebrate a successful season and prepare for the upcoming season with roundtable discussions focusing on common challenges experienced in the industry. We are also exploring opportunities for the 800 PAVEMENT Network to host leadership conferences and regional events in the future.

These opportunities to connect, network, and learn from other industry professionals, as well as have deeper discussions about business growth and branding, are critical for every member. It helps you and your company to self-assess, acknowledge challenges and continue to improve your business.
“Network Night has developed into a standard part of my annual debriefing process,” says Justin Meier, founder and CEO of The Surface Masters. “It not only helps us to learn and hold onto what seems to be working, but also helps to acknowledge what I should be doing differently to help instill new procedures and best practices for next season.”

National Account Work
Membership in the 800 PAVEMENT Network also gives you the opportunity to bid on projects with the National Accounts Team at U.S. Pavement Services. Responsible for projects across the U.S. and Canada, the group has awarded more than $100 million in work to 800 PAVEMENT Network members.

U.S. Pavement Services works with 12 of the 14 largest retailers in the U.S., including Walmart, Target, Staples, Kohl’s, Sam’s Club, CVS, IKEA, Best Buy and many more. The national account work gives network members the opportunity to bid and perform high-profile jobs.
More important, membership in the group helps ensure you’ll make the most of the opportunities when you get them. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate and team up with U.S. Pavement Services to execute all scopes of work while keeping these properties fully functional. We hold our network members to high standards and expect every job to be completed as efficiently as possible. To do so, Network members are able to share experiences on a national level in order to help each other on every project.

While the motivation for joining the 800 PAVEMENT Network may vary according to the needs of each individual Member, the five benefits of the network certainly help all members advance and succeed regardless of the situation. Everyone’s success story breeds greater success for the entire group. In this fast-paced pavement industry it is critical to always stay ahead of the curve, continue to educate and develop best practices. As the 800 PAVEMENT Network continues to grow, our goals stay consistent – we aim to help our members grow their businesses while also raising the standards and overall level of expertise in the industry.

And, as our members have already learned, there is strength in numbers.

To learn more about the 800 PAVEMENT Network, call 1-800-PAVEMENT or visit www.1800pavement.com