Real-world experience helps Seal-Rite create solutions that work

Technically speaking, Seal-Rite’s history as one of the sealcoating industry’s top equipment manufacturers may have started nearly 25 years ago, but it was the 20 years before that, when he was actually spraying sealer himself, that allowed owner and CEO Brent Loutzenhiser to revolutionize how the job could be done. Loutzenhiser started sealcoating with his dad when he was 11 years old. And while they made a good team, he realized they were limited by their equipment. A better-designed sealcoating unit that could carry all the items they would need to do the job would make a huge difference.

Now almost four decades later, Seal-Rite has used that same problem-solving approach to become one of the market’s top manufacturers of hand agitated, power agitated and hydraulically agitated spray systems and bulk tanks up to 10,000 gallons. Some of Seal-Rite’s key innovations include the full-sweep, four-paddle agitation system with infinitely variable speeds; forward and reverse; heavy-duty Wilden pumps equipped with 3-gallon filter pots and Jenny Industrial air compressors. These are all mounted on a well-built trailer designed around the tank. The full-sweep agitation system is designed so, not only is your sealer not settling, but all areas of the tank are swept clean with every rotation. The rubber wipers are so effective that rarely does anyone have to get in a tank at the end of the season to clean it.

And true to its end-user roots, the Missouri-based company can cater to companies of all sizes, from newly established businesses looking for an introductory unit, all the way to the extremely large contractors that are still growing beyond their current output rate.

Another differentiator for many sealcoating companies can be their storage capabilities. That’s why Loutzenhiser’s team has also developed a wide array of bulk tank options. While Seal-Rite has a selection of trailer units, the company also offers ample skids of all sizes to suit any need that may arise. Along with their sealcoating units, Seal-Rite offers bulk tanks ranking from 2,000 to 10,000 gallons that can take up to 2 semi-trailer loads of sealer. After all, having sealer ready to go isn’t just a luxury for their customers, it can be an advantage.

That customer-focused approach also shows up in the company’s craftsmanship. Fueled by Loutzenhiser’s hands-on knowledge, Seal-Rite has developed well-built machines that don’t just perform efficiently, they can be engineered to your specific needs – that includes customized truck units up to 3,000 gallons. With all the tools and options that Seal-Rite offers, you can make your unit exactly how you would like it.

Service with a Seal-Rite smile
Loutzenhiser’s vision for a better sealcoating company didn’t stop at the assembly line. Instead, the company places a premium on customer service, starting with its knowledgeable sales staff that not only quotes and sells products, but is familiar enough with the company’s equipment to troubleshoot technical issues without having to transfer their customers to another department.

That level of care continues throughout the manufacturing process. All Seal-Rite units and parts are American-made in the same 50-acre patch of Auxvasse, Mo., and go through a stringent quality assurance process before leaving the site, whether they were directly sold to the end customer or are going through one of our trusted distributors. Seal-Rite’s welders, fabricators, painters and assembly and shipping teams ensure that each quality product is delivered as well as it’s engineered.
And nobody knows better than Loutzenhiser and his team at Seal-Rite what a difference that can make.

Seal-Rite also carries in-house blowers, melters, motors, spray wands, spray tips, filter baskets, pour pots, brooms, lutes and hose reels, among other products. To get a quote, order products or request a catalog, visit us online at, or call 573-387-4491, Monday-Friday between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST. We appreciate our existing customers and look forward to helping more customers in 2020