Excellence Doesn’t End With Pothole Repairs: UNIQUE Paving Materials Unveils New Solutions for Your Maintenance Plan

Imagine a summer so hot the rubber on your shoes melts to the asphalt and your skin prickles in the heat. Just a few months later, sub-zero winter winds whip at your face while snow and ice blanket everything in white.
Wide sways in extreme weather like this aren’t uncommon in regions across the nation. While mankind has adapted to survive in either climate, our roadways still struggle to stand up to the elements. Heavy rain, ice, snowplows, ultraviolet rays – they all threaten the structural integrity of concrete and asphalt pavement, and in different ways. The results, however, are similar: potholes, cracks and headaches for maintenance crews.

In other words, not all potholes are created equally – so why should their repair solutions?

To permanently tackle potholes and fix pesky pavement issues, UNIQUE Paving Materials is perfecting the science behind asphalt and concrete repairs. According to President Michael Pemberton, investing in high-quality, laboratory-tested repair products is the smartest thing you can do to achieve success with your pavement maintenance plan.

“Different pavements require different formulas,” said Pemberton. “We focus on giving people reliable solutions to a wide variety of pavement problems in lieu of costly re-repairs.”

A Coffee Can and a Welding Rod
At UNIQUE, quality products and reliable service go hand in hand. After refining his expertise in the pavement industry for nearly 20 years, Tom Letizia Sr., dreamed of launching a family-owned business devoted to premium products and superior customer service.

Letizia opened UNIQUE Paving Materials in 1959 and began experimenting with aggregate and additives. He mixed his first batches in a coffee can with a welding rod until he formulated a permanent pothole solution that could be applied during the cold winter months in Cleveland, Ohio.

The result? Letizia’s mixture, now known as UPM Cold Mix Permanent Asphalt Repair, quickly became the industry benchmark. After decades of unmatched performance in communities across the country, UNIQUE still proudly formulates its cold mix with Letizia’s “secret sauce,” an additive that helps pothole repairs outlast the surrounding pavement.

More UNIQUE Than Just Cold Mix
It’s no secret that potholes aren’t the only problem plaguing roads, sidewalks and parking lots. Cracks, oil spots, joint separations, preservation and sealing are among the common maintenance obstacles UNIQUE’s products have been engineered to fix.

“People know UNIQUE for our UPM Cold Mix,” said Pemberton, “but we offer more solutions than just exceptional cold mix.”

Those solutions include several new pavement preservation formulas: RAVEL SEAL Gilsonite modified pavement preservation emulsion, a solution that preserves and restores asphalt; and KOLD-FLO Gilsonite modified pourable crack filler, a fast-curing product that can be open to traffic in 30 minutes. UNIQUE designed both formulas to work together in order to save time and money.

UNIQUE has also been busy developing new solutions for old concrete problems. The company’s latest concrete innovations include REJUVIT concrete resurfacer, a durable coating for high-traffic, pitted concrete surfaces; and UNIQUE Gilsonite modified concrete pourable crack filler designed for filling cracks and joints in concrete pavements.
In a perfect world, potholes wouldn’t exist. Until then, UNIQUE understands that pavement problems don’t happen in a vacuum. A single parking lot may require some combination of pothole repairs, sealant, rejuvenator, oil spot removal and crack filler. Extreme cases may need them all.

That, said Pemberton, is where UNIQUE comes in. But what sets UNIQUE apart as a one-stop, fix-it-all supplier?
“We’ve been in numerous government tests and side-by-side comparisons,” said Pemberton. “Time and again, our products are the best on the market today. We’re continually researching, developing and testing new products and new ways to solve pavement preservation and repair challenges.”

One thing is clear: Letizia’s commitment to innovative solutions lives on in UNIQUE’s extensive line of superior products.

Get Performance Now and Down the Road
When it comes to saving time, money and avoiding repeated repairs, UNIQUE’s line of products offer reliably effective solutions that will stand up to your elements for years to come. To see how much you can save by choosing UNIQUE as your pavement repair supplier, or to request a product demonstration from a local representative, call UNIQUE today: (800) 441-4880.