To Grow a Successful Pavement Maintenance Business

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You’re only as good as your reputation.” This is true in so many aspects of life, including business. The reality of today’s digital environment is that negative sentiments can spread quickly and widely making it more important than ever to be a trusted provider of facts, building a strong and credible reputation to counter any negativity. Having a positive reputation is key to protecting your company and generating new business leads. The Pavement Coatings Technology Council (PCTC) recommends taking a look at enhancing reputation and credibility to demonstrate that your company is one that customers can trust. Implementing the practices below will differentiate leaders in the industry, establishing your business as a go-to source for pavement maintenance projects throughout the region.

Keep Up with Accurate Industry Information
Contractors armed with the latest industry knowledge are best positioned to run safe, effective and successful pavement maintenance operations. As with any reputable business, it’s imperative to stay informed on best practices to ensure your customers receive the highest level of service. However, applicators must also remain up-to-date on safety tips that protect contractors and customers, industry legislation that may impact company offerings and scientific studies that uncover findings on the safe use of sealcoating. When it comes to avoiding biased or alarmist information, remember that sources matter. Rely on reputable trade publications, trustworthy industry organizations and well-established trade expos for factual updates from peers and experts like PCTC. In fact, the Council is committed to keeping contractors informed on best management practices and regulatory affairs by sharing relevant updates on its website and social media channels. Presenting unbiased information can help applicators uphold integrity while advancing business practices, conducting regulatory outreach and connecting with customers.

Thoroughly Educate Customers and Contractors
Leverage the information learned from credible organizations like PCTC to bring value to your customers and contractors, while reinforcing your leadership as an education resource. If a new study on pavement coating reveals relevant findings, for example, share key learnings to demonstrate the company’s commitment to both science and safety. Or, if cutting-edge safety equipment is introduced at an industry trade show, highlight the company’s plan for updating its tools to ensure employees are protected and customers are receiving the best end product. Consider bridging the customer communication gap further by turning learned expertise into consumer-facing resources, like the ones available on PCTC’s website, to help current and potential clients learn more about the cost, purpose and best practices of sealcoating. Establishing open communication and keeping your stakeholders informed are two of the most effective methods for building credibility and meaningful, long-lasting relationships with employees and customers.

Let Your Work Speak for Itself
The best way to build a reputable business is by producing quality work that customers can feel good about – and the most impactful pavement maintenance work is already displayed on asphalt properties throughout the community. Satisfied clients are likely to tout successful sealcoating projects to their own friends, family and patrons by showing off the pristine condition of their newly paved lot or driveway. This word-of-mouth advertising has the highest credibility among prospects, who often turn to people they trust for honest recommendations. Case studies showcasing best-in-class work go a long way, too, and contractors looking to reach an even wider audience are encouraged share these case studies online.

Featuring before-and-after photos and on-the-job shots on owned social media platforms can visually display commitment to best management practices, sealcoating safety and customer satisfaction in just a handful of images. Often, customers prefer to see the reputable services that contractors have to offer before making their final decisions.

Build a credible reputation among customers, employees and community members to increase business results. With the help of PCTC, pavement maintenance professionals are encouraged to arm themselves with factual industry information, effectively educate both customers and employees and leverage case studies to attract new prospects. Contractors who lay the foundation for creating meaningful relationships are most likely experience significant growth over time.