The Bucher Municipal E35m was designed as an answer to
their customers’ toughest feedback

As a leading equipment manufacturer, Bucher Municipal fields questions and requests from asphalt & paving contractors and municipal industries around the world. But Bucher doesn’t just answer those requests; the company tracks the feedback and incorporates the information into its products.

The purpose-built Bucher E35m single-engine mechanical street sweeper is the company’s latest example of its dedication to purpose-driven engineering. As a result, the E35m solves the toughest real-world, sweeping challenges.

Standing the test of time
Which came first, the street or the street sweeper?

OK, so there wouldn’t have been a need for sweepers without streets. But did you know mechanical street sweepers were on the cleaning scene before the automobile? And after all this time, the same basic design is still used; broom or mechanical street sweepers use a cylindrical main broom for flicking dirt and debris onto a conveyor, which lands in a hopper.

But, as Bucher Municipal has shown, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been improvements.

Mechanical Sweepers 101
Municipalities’ public works departments often hire out sweeping contractors to take care of primary street maintenance sweeping duties.

Contractors taking care of road construction rely on street sweepers to tackle a wide variety of heavy material. The most common sweeper hopper contents include concrete millings, chunks of asphalt, broken pavement, mud, and a variety of construction debris. A must-have feature of mechanical sweepers is the ability to dump into on-ground dumpsters or dump trucks.

The most frequent reason Bucher’s customers needed help, said Product Marketing Manager Matt Starnes, was because “they wanted the power of a twin-engine mechanical street sweeper but without all the maintenance headaches. The E35m fits the bill.”

Unfortunately, another prominent reason folks turned to Bucher is they were sold the wrong street sweeper for their application. This scenario is laid out by John Dewit, owner of Above & Beyond Hydroseed, on an episode of the Sweepers & Tankers podcast.

Here’s a list of the most common challenges Starnes and his teammates hear about, and how the Bucher crew designed the E35m to solve them:

An old station wagon has a better turning radius!
Frustration: Yes, a mechanical sweeper picks up well, but the traditional turn radius is a nightmare!

Solution: The E35m four-wheel, mechanical sweeper offers users the tightest turning radius in the industry. We provide a tight 18.6-degree turning radius with a 136-inch wheelbase. This sweeper isn’t your dad’s boat-like 70’s station wagon.

A single solution to double trouble
Frustration: Twin engine mechanical sweepers mean double the maintenance headaches!

Solution: Besides the advantage of not having to deal with an auxiliary engine, the single-engine design means no additional oil changes, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, belt replacement or other traditional maintenance. The E35m includes a choice of dirt shoes: industry-preferred “T” plate, or easily adaptable brush dirt shoes.

The E35m features a 20-gallon hydraulic reservoir that supplies oil to a variable displacement hydraulic pump in a load-sensing hydraulic system. This system will adjust flow based on hydraulic demand from the sweeping gear to maximize efficiency and reduce heat.

Our sweepers lose power and can’t keep up
Frustration: We’re sick and tired of small payloads and hoppers that don’t lift!

Solution: The Bucher E35m has a complete, load-sensing hydraulic system; a 4.5-cubic yard usable hopper and a 4-piece elevator floor using a chain-driven, 12-flight squeegee-based elevator. No more polyurethane sprockets.
The E35m effectively captures and moves all street debris up its stainless steel-floored elevator and all-stainless steel debris hopper. The elevator speed is constant and matched to the main broom speed for significant loading. The elevator height can be adjusted from inside the cab to accommodate different sweeping requirements. The elevator bearings are sealed and self-aligning.

The E35m’s Ultra High Dump option increases the lift height by 18 inches to 4,300 millimeters (169 inches), making the Bucher mechanical sweeper ideal for transferring debris into a tipper truck — and perfect for road surfacing applications.

The brochure looks great — but will my sweeper work?
Frustration: The marketing is slick, but does the street sweeper actually sweep?

Solution: Operators experience faster sweeping and loading with the equal-width pickup broom, 12-flight elevator and the aggressive “unhanded” 44” leading arm digger-type gutter brooms. The E35m has a 120-inch (3,050-mm) sweep path with an optional extended-reach of 144 inches (3,650 mm).

My sweepers need to be as strong as my reputation — and vice versa.
Frustration: Street sweepers are too wimpy for my construction job. Will your sweeper break?

Solution: Standard with every Bucher Municipal Easy Sweep mechanical street sweeper is a stainless steel-constructed debris hopper. The broom material is made of 26-inch tempered steel lines.

To make sure that rugged construction is street-legal, the E35m mechanical sweeper pairs perfectly with a Freightliner M2 Class 7 chassis.

We also offer the V65m pure vacuum truck-mounted sweeper, ideal for catch basin cleaning and porous paving, featured in the cover story of the November 2019 edition of A.P.E. Magazine.

Before you purchase any street sweeper solution, make sure to do your research. Starnes said the Bucher team created a free educational report, The 5 Things You Must Know Before Purchasing a Street Sweeper. The guide explains the differences between mechanical, vacuum, regenerative air, and compact sweepers. Learn why Bucher Municipal’s street sweepers offer ENDLESS SWEEPING SOLUTIONS™

Purchasing a street sweeper is a significant investment. That’s why Bucher offers leasing and cooperative purchasing solutions, including a real try-before-you-buy program. Monthly rentals are also now available.

Matt Starnes is the Product Marketing Manager for Bucher Municipal North America, Inc. headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina. Matt also hosts the aforementioned Sweepers & Tankers podcast. The podcast is available on Apple, Google Play, Amazon Alexa, or whatever excellent podcast service you use. To learn more, visit, follow Bucher Municipal North America on LinkedIn, or call us at 704-658-1333. The Bucher Municipal Center of Excellence in Ontario, California, is open for all your parts, rental, and service needs.