How Go iPave Drives Growth and Competitive Advantage for Pavement Maintenance Contractors

A little more than 10 years ago, Go iPave showed the world what the intersection between high-end computer technology and the down-and-dirty paving industry could look like. Since then, the cloud-based software has revolutionized how contractors get their jobs done by allowing them to quickly find, inspect, measure and estimate jobs without physically being on the property. Everything is conducted and stored online to provide contractors and their teams easy accessibility, whether they’re presenting jobs to the customer or referencing, updating and modifying work. They can do it all — any time, from any location.

In 2020, Go iPave is celebrating its tenth year of helping paving contractors increase profits, reduce expenses, save time and gain a competitive advantage. What began as an online measuring tool has evolved into a powerful property intelligence hub.

Go iPave Is Built For Contractors
The needs of contractors are the driving force behind Go iPave software. By working closely with contractors from a variety of disciplines, we continuously improve Go iPave’s tools and features. The result is an ever-evolving system that constantly improves how paving contractors measure, bid and win more jobs — all online, and all in less time.

How Go iPave Works
Just log in and search for a property by entering its address. The software creates a project and allows you to see high-resolution aerial photography on top of a measuring scale. Zoom in, zoom out — everything adjusts precisely to give you accurate results. You can measure square feet or yards, linear distance, count parking stalls and identify lot obstacles and markings–among many other things.

High-resolution Go iPave imagery is taken from an airplane versus a satellite, which provides several advantages to users. First, photos are leaf-off in most areas, which means the photos are taken when the landscaping is dormant. You won’t be looking at the tops of tree canopies, just the pavement and concrete underneath.

You can also view a property from multiple angles. The images are taken from different altitudes, as well as from the north, south, east and west. These angles let you see around a property completely. If a building casts any shadows, you’ll be able to tell if it’s pavement underneath them.

Pictures in some areas are 3-inch resolution, meaning you can zoom as close as you would if you were 3 inches above the pavement. This allows you to gauge the condition of parking lots and roadways.

Additionally, there is historical imagery for your properties. You can go back in time to see how the lot or road has changed over the years. This works great if you have an ongoing client that you work with every few years to properly maintain their pavement.

A Time Saving System
Because Go iPave is an online property measuring system, it provides anyone at your company the ability to measure properties for you. This can free up salespeople, estimators and managers to focus on more pressing work — like winning more business.

Go iPave significantly reduces the time it takes to turn a bid around to your clients. Something that could take estimators a full day can be cut down to just hours. Jobs that take weeks can be trimmed by days. Even if you plan to visit the property to inspect the conditions, you will enjoy a huge speed advantage over a competitor who is manually measuring with a wheel.

Every project you measure on Go iPave is stored in the cloud. This gives you and your team a sales and marketing database full of property intelligence you can easily reference to win more current and future work.

The Advantages Of Go iPave Site Maps
Go iPave hasn’t just changed the way properties are measured and maintained; it’s turned the measuring process into a competitive advantage. While measuring in Go iPave, you can color code, group and label your measurements to create a comprehensive, easy-to-follow site diagram. This is helpful both internally with your team, and externally with your clients, as it helps eliminate communication barriers that slow down the sales process. Even better, it cuts down on costly mistakes during production.

For example, if you’re conducting a multi-phase job, you can get an accurate estimate for each phase of work by grouping and color coding your property measurements accordingly. The resulting visual site map lets your crews see exactly what’s expected of them once work commences during each phase.

Visual site maps are also a powerful sales tool and offer your clients unparalleled levels of engagement with their project. They can see exactly what your plan of action is, if there will be any interruptions to their business, when and how you will close the lots and reroute traffic, and anything else you may need to show them.

All the measurements behind your site map are easily saved to a spreadsheet for you to keep and export. Every job you measure is retained in your projects database for easy access. You can go back to your current estimates and past jobs again and again. Rework your numbers, edit proposals–all the data you need, right at your fingertips.

How To Learn More About Go iPave
You can get a 14-day free trial at The company offers complete support. Go iPave team members are available by phone, email and chat to show you how to measure, bid and win more jobs, in less time, with Go iPave.