BASIC Equipment, Shannon Chastain, President

Core business provides equipment for the construction and asphalt paving industries. Specifically, the design and manufacture of pneumatic asphalt rollers, articulating motor graders, compactors, rubber-tire rollers, steel-drum rollers, and split drum vibratory rollers.
• Model 700 pneumatic asphalt roller features a seven-wheel design.
• Model 120V split drum vibratory rollers features pressurized, removable spray tips along with a 3600 VPM vibrating rear drum, water-cooled Kubota diesel engine and up to 7mph forward and reverse functionality.
• Model 240V split drum vibratory rollers features a pressurized water system, 3600 VPM vibrating system, up to 7mph forward and reverse, and a water-cooled Kubota diesel engine.
• Model 601 hydrostatic articulating grader has an 8′ by 16′ moldboard with two side shift and hydraulic blade tilt and 45-degree front-wheel power steering. The 6400 pound-machine measures 16′ 9″ length, 5′ 8″ width and 7′ 6″ height.

The BASIC Equipment brand was reintroduced in 1996, but its roots run deeper than that. Otis Puckett, originally started BASIC Equipment in 1976. Prior to that, Otis and his brother Richard started Puckett Brothers Paving in 1965 and founded Puckett Brothers Manufacturing in 1969, when they developed and introduced a compact self-propelled paver known as the “Power Box,” that no longer had to be pulled around the worksite by a dump truck like the “drag box” pavers that had been used in years past.

More than four decades later, the company continues to focus on fulfilling its original mandate of producing “Simple, Reliable and Affordable” equipment that meets the needs of the ever-changing construction industry.

All products are designed and manufactured in Eatonton, Ga., where the company is headquartered. Located at 185 Harmony Road in Eatonton, the company can also be found online at 

The company’s primary market is the North American asphalt paving industry, but they have shipped machines all over the world.


“We have a passion for construction equipment—always have,” stated Shannon Chastain. “The longer we’re in this business, the more excited we are to help customers resolve trouble areas in their paving operations and then to see them become more productive, produce better quality work and ultimately become more successful. To be a small part of what others are successfully doing in the paving industry has turned out to be a real blessing for us!”