Utah-based Andersen Asphalt is using Rayner Equipment to pave its path to success

When he first heard about the RaynMaker, Derek Anderson admits he was a bit skeptical.

His concerns centered around the common problems with spraying fine aggregate filled sealcoat; uneven application and crews slowed by equipment issues. Derek, though, already had an idea of what to expect. Co-owners of Andersen Asphalt in northern Utah, Derek and his brother, Caden, already had success with a Rayner Equipment Systems PavementSaver.

So, says Derek, the two decided to trust the team at Rayner. And, as was the case with the PavementSaver, they’re glad they did.
Since adding the RaynMaker to their equipment line, Andersen Asphalt has been able to cover large areas of pavement surface while maintaining the highest standards of quality. This is thanks largely to the RaynMaker’s Automated Rate Control, which ensures specified coverages are met. Of course, the Rayner team’s willingness to answer their questions didn’t hurt, said Derek Andersen.

“We were hesitant on how this would operate and invested our time to learn about the control system,” he said. “The team at Rayner Equipment Systems have spent the time to answer our questions and give us the information we needed to make an informed decision.”

Starting strong with Rayner
In the road building industry, it’s not easy to stand out in the crowd. That’s why Andersen Asphalt has always tried to exceed expectations wherever possible. The company fosters an environment that’s passionate about pavement maintenance, and its team is continually learning how to improve not only the company, but standards industry-wide. The aim, explained the Andersen brothers, is to impress their customers with service and equipment they’ve never seen before. They have built their business on honesty, professionalism, and unmatched quality. They understand that supporting their customers’ needs is a big part of the reputation they have proudly developed.

That’s why it’s been so important to invest in top-quality equipment, said Derek Andersen.

“When we were starting out, it was important to build a great brand through consistent work and great service,” said Derek Andersen. “By investing in a PavementSaver early in our company’s history, we were able to focus on training our team and earning new business — not dealing with faulty equipment.”

Derek and Caden purchased their first PavementSaver, a seal coat buggy in 2016. They’ve continued to grow their fleet since with equipment that will not only run consistently day after day, but will align with their extremely high standards. The PavementSaver, they reported, performed even better than they expected. The Andersen Asphalt fleet now includes a second PavementSaver and a truck-mounted spray rig, a RaynMaker, which the two purchased in 2020. Investing in machinery is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. However, having owned and operated the PavementSaver for several years with great success, it was not difficult for Derek and Caden to make the call on purchasing their second PavementSaver and RaynMaker, they said.

“After working with our first two Rayner products, we had a good idea of the impact we could make on our bottom line by expanding our fleet,” said Caden Andersen. “To us, it was more than worth the investment.”

Scratching the sealcoated surface
While Rayner can’t manufacture Andersen Asphalt’s top-notch customer service and attention to detail, the company has used those same values in developing its product line. The company began in 1974 and soon released its flagship product, the RoadSaver. The industry-shattering slurry seal and micro surfacing machine introduced an operator-first design that was eventually copied by competitors throughout the industry. From there, Rayner developed the dependable PavementSaver sealcoating buggies and spray-only RaynMaker sealcoaters.

Rayner Equipment Systems has long prided themselves on supplying the right equipment for companies like Andersen Asphalt. After February 2020 when RES joined the Etnyre International Family based in Oregon, IL, it was clear that their care for their customers would remain.

Etnyre International LLC is comprised of E.D. Etnyre and Co. in Oregon, IL along with Bearcat Mfg. in Wickenburg, AZ and of course, Rayner Equipment Systems in Sacramento, CA. According to Rich Wilsie, Sr. Director of Sales at Etnyre International, “Our companies know that customers like Andersen Asphalt depend on innovation and reliability and expect it from us. We always have the customer in mind with everything we do.”

That sealed it
For the Andersens — as with all sealcoaters — a job’s success can come down to a few fractions of an inch. Applying the proper mat thickness can mean the difference between shoddy work and providing a long-lasting, durable surface. That, as Derek Andersen points out, is where their equipment really shines. Rayner Equipment Systems’ new controls allow for easy operation and faster applications. This helps Andersen Asphalt apply the volume of material needed for customers without waste. And because RES controls have a small learning curve, Andersen Asphalt was able to get to work immediately with their new equipment. They also said they’re particularly impressed with the RaynMaker’s high-volume material output and ability to lay material uniformly.

“Our customers have been very pleased with the finished product,” said Caden Andersen. “The output is smooth and even, every time. It’s great to be able to tell our customers they can count on that quality.”

When Andersen Asphalt got its new RaynMaker last year, the company was presented with a great opportunity to see exactly what its new machine could do when it landed a 1 million square foot job of city streets.

And once again, Derek was pleasantly surprised.

“In the past we would plan on a project of this size to take eight to 10 days,” he said. “However, we successfully completed this project with one crew in just five working days.

“We are continually striving for better efficiency and effectiveness,” said Derek, “and the Raynmaker has played a key role in achieving our goals.”

To learn more, visit Rayner Equipment Systems at https://resroadsaver.com, email Sales@RoadSaver.com or call 916-381-8066.