We are excited to announce that A.S.M.A., the Asphalt Sealcoat Manufacturers Association, has reemerged as the newly formed ASMA‐USA. This new organization was formed in 2020 to bring together manufacturers, contractors, vendors, and customers of asphalt emulsion sealcoat. ASMA‐USA’s membership includes top leaders in the industry who intend to promote the benefits of and further advance the technological achievements of a phalt emulsion sealcoat on a global scale.

“Asphalt emulsion sealcoat has been the primary choice of sealcoat among manufacturers, contractors, and government agencies on the West Coast for over 40 years,” says Robert Archie, President of ASMA‐USA. “The vast market there kept most asphalt emulsion sealcoat companies thriving. When A.S.M.A. was originally created in 1992, our West Coast members were focused on Regional goals. For example, A.S.M.A. was successful in getting their specs adopted by Cal Trans; a huge achievement at the time. As we continue to see coal tar bans across the country and the need for consistent viable alternatives in all states, we believe this is the time to ensure customers receive accurate reliable info on asphalt emulsion sealcoat.”

Some of ASMA‐USA’s members already have a national presence. Their expansion efforts have had a powerful positive response. Not only did these ASMA‐USA manufacturers offer a high‐quality alternative to coal tar, but also a non‐toxic one with little to no PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). For more info on PAHs, readers can refer to the extensive research at: https://coaltarfreeusa.com.

One of the original members of A.S.M.A. and a driving force behind the new organization, Secretary Jerome Jacobs, says,” It was time to bring all of our knowledge and expertise on asphalt emulsion sealcoat to the forefront. We have experts that have been in the industry for over 50 years willing to mentor and help shape our industry. All the pieces have really come together. That valuable expertise along with our new website and marketing technology will give professionals the true information they need to make important sealcoating decisions.”

ASMA‐USA is already preparing for broad membership across the country as well as international membership. Highprofile members such as Tom Ennis, founder of Coaltarfreeusa.com and ASMA‐USA’s newly elected Director of DOT, Specifications & Governmental/Regulatory Affairs lend substantial credibility to ASMA‐USA’s mission. Their focus is not only awareness but to also raise the bar on sealcoat’s environmental impact.
It’s right there in ASMA’s mission statement… ASMA‐USA “was formed with the expressed objective for promoting the use of asphalt emulsion‐based sealcoats for the preservation and protection of asphalt surfaces, with a special emphasis on safeguarding human and environmental health. The mission of ASMA‐USA is to advance asphalt emulsion‐based sealcoating for pavement preservation through the full utilization of advancements in materials, equipment, while keeping the impact on the human and environment to an absolute minimum.”

Other elected officers include Vice President Carl Reed (Asphalt Coatings Engineering), Treasurer Larry Mechem (RaynGuard Protective Materials), Dir. Northeast Richard Williams (Dark Force Sealcoat Distributing), Dir. Southeast Jason Weaver (EcoShield Asphalt Products), Dir. Mid‐South Martha Moore (Seal‐Tite of Arklahoma), Dir. Midwest John Schneider (Mix‐Tek Pavement Solutions) and Dir. West Cliff Cooper (Pacific Sealcoat Distributors).