Providing the Midwest with the Blackest, Longest Lasting, 0.0% PAH Product on the Market

When properly made and applied, asphalt emulsion sealers (AE’s) preserve the integrity of asphalt by restoring the surface with asphalt, aggregate, and polymers that help to prevent further deterioration, micro-cracking, and increase the overall life span of pavement.

The reason sealcoating exists is not to simply improve the appearance of the asphalt, but rather to increase its lifespan as well. Pitch Black® does both.

Making the longest lasting, most consistent, blackest, and safest sealer has been priority one for this family owned asphalt emulsion sealcoat manufacturer in the heart of Central Wisconsin. John Schneider, owner and founder, has been committed to refining a process that creates the best possible customer application experience, appearance, and asphalt preservation.

“We have understood since we got into the AE market that many of the manufacturers in the Midwest did not have a lot of experience making AE.

The bottom line is AE’s are not made the same as other sealants and without the right ingredients, manufacturing process, and quality control, applicators get varying results.”

Mix-Tek’s focus on refining and managing a manufacturing process that creates the same high quality, consistent AE is what has propelled them to be an industry leader in the Midwest asphalt sealant market.

When AE’s came to the Midwest market over 10 years ago, they were met with mixed reviews. Products varied in viscosity, coverage, consistency, and longevity. This created an environment where coal-tar and other high-PAH sealants were considered to be the only good options.

Recognizing the deficiency in the market, Mix-Tek focused on understanding the product and application process. With unwavering ingenuity, Mix-Tek has broken through the barrier of doubters and shown them why consumers love the product. “It’s interesting,” he continues, “now that more applicators are using our product, the look of the product itself is what has been driving in new clients. Pitch Black® looks more like freshly paved asphalt than any other product I have seen in the Midwest.”

Schneider says that is no coincidence. “Pitch Black® holds itself to very tight ingredient specifications. The right amount of solids and asphalt, coupled with the right mix of polymers and colorants create the creamiest, easy to use asphalt sealant out there. Last year I had clients putting 25 thousand gallons of sealer through a rig without having to change a filter basket.”

All that amounts to less down time, fewer clogged tips, less waste, higher productivity and higher profit margins for sealcoaters.

With the recent nomination to represent the Midwest region as Midwest Director of the Asphalt Sealcoat Manufacturers Association of the United States of America (ASMA-USA), Mr. Schneider has become a fixture in the industry and is poised to assist in the development and promotion of asphalt-based sealants.

“When I got into this business my goal was not to become the biggest asphalt sealant manufacturer in the market, just the best.” From the looks of it, the company is well on its way to achieving that goal. » «

To learn more: Mix-Tek has multiple locations in Wisconsin and Minnesota and is currently expanding into the Chicagoland area. For more information visit, email, or call (608) 222-2335.