Cimline shows off new innovations with an ambitious 40 state tour.

Sometimes, the most innovative solution is one that’s already tried and true.

That’s the case this year for Minnesota-based Cimline. In a year where trade show cancellations and public health safety have changed the way companies communicate and engage with their customers, Cimline needed a solution. There were existing customers to service, not to mention the release of several new products. But, when customers can’t easily pay a visit, how does a company provide the face-to-face demonstrations and service that’s made it famous?

You bring the show to them.
That, explained Cimline President Lance Hartmann, was where the Hit the Road with the Cimline Innovation Team idea came in. The purpose of this roadshow was to find a way to connect with dealers and end customers in a safe and engaging way, promote the new products, and provide continuous training for dealers and end users in a safe outdoor local environment to the customer base.

“Our team never stopped innovating in 2020,” said Hartmann. “ By the end of the year, we had two new products and no 2021 tradeshows to show them, so we knew we had to get creative. Fortunately, our team’s innovation is not limited to products.”

The road show officially cranked up on April 12 in Louisiana and began winding its way toward the East Coast, stopping for outdoor demonstrations at various dealers along the way. Over the next several months, the team will snake its way across the country, providing the kind of face-to-face interactions that have been missing for the past year.

“The creativity and energy our team put into organizing the Hit the Road show has been incredible for me to witness,” Hartmann said. “Our team is excited to see our customers again, and they’re excited to see us. I personally can’t wait to spend time on the road with our team this year to see our customers.”

Headlining the Road Show are two new products Cimline launched in 2020 to help customers preserve the life of pavement safely and easily. These new models are the P1 pothole patcher and our ME3 mastic machine.

The ME3 is a traditional-style gravity feed mastic machine that utilizes a prepackaged aggregate and sealant-based mastic. With 350-gallon capacity, the ME3 has the ability to repair long sections of centerline break-out and expanded-wide crack repair in a single day. True to the M-Series design, the ME3 offers easy-to-use operator controls, a reliable Isuzu engine, and a large BTU diesel burner to minimize heat up time. The loading doors are equipped with safety lock outs, and the machine leads the industry with standard features such as placement tools, a heated material trough, hand torch, and tool heater.

The P1 is the next generation of spray patcher using both proven and new DuraPatcher technologies to extend pavement life. For over 30 years, DuraPatcher customers have viewed spray patching as the lowest cost and easiest patch to place. The main goal of the P1 project team was to deliver a machine capable of the same low-cost spray patching method at a lower acquisition price. Meeting this goal means DuraPatcher Technology is more affordable than ever. Now clients, such as smaller cities, townships, and independent contractors that may not have had the budget in the past for such equipment, can get in on the technology. To deliver the spray patching results Cimline is known for, the design team kept the critical DuraPatcher Technology details, including the venturi aggregate feed, vent flow nozzle, and fatigue free boom. To accomplish the goal of lower acquisition price, the machine was simplified using modern components and technologies including the first in the industry non-pressurized spray patch emulsion tank and delivery system. The added benefit is that the P1 is now also the easiest spray patcher to operate and own on the market.

On the road again — for the first time
To prepare for the roadshow the team looked at a map of the United States and plotted a course through its first-class dealer sales and service locations. The team started reaching out with a basic survey crafted to learn about the comfort level within each dealer trade area for participation and engagement level.

Cimline was overwhelmed with the positive feedback from our dealers and end users, and the roadshow quickly gained momentum.

“Cimline wanted to elevate its customer presence to a place we had not taken it before,” explained Ben Thielbar, Director of Sales at Cimline. “In 2020 after ConExpo, we invested in our video content and resource center on our web page and web media channels to improve our customer support aspect while field travel was greatly restricted. The Road Show is something the team believed would help take the next step in getting back personally with our customer base in a safe manner. After the survey, it was apparent that both our dealers and customers wanted the same interaction but in a smaller and more localized outdoor arena.”

“The conjoined efforts of the Cimline team and our dealers make this roadshow a success for the customers looking to learn, see, and feel equipment in the pavement maintenance market.”

Starting in the Southeast region of the United States and working its way around the country, Cimline is able to accommodate countless demonstrations and training opportunities for its dealers and customers, allowing them to get hands-on experience with the new machines.

Leading the roadshow across the county is Cimline’s Bill Ganger. Ganger, with the support of every Regional Sales Manager, brings years of industry experience and a positive attitude to each location. Along the way Bill and team will be updating their customers with multiple weekly posts on both the Cimline Road Show blog and social media outlets. From coast to coast, the roadshow will share stories of demonstrations and landmarks crossed.

Cimline is optimistic this is just the first year of an annual tradition. The company and its people are proud of the work that’s been achieved and will continue to support their dealers and teams across the country.

If you are interested in being at a stop on the roadshow or just want to learn more, tune into the Cimline Blog Site, you never know what fun and interesting national treasure the Cimline team will visit and post on our blog site!
At Cimline, we design and manufacture equipment to preserve roadways throughout the world. With a drive for performance and innovation, Cimline continues to offer cutting edge technology through its worldwide network of distributors. We are headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with manufacturing plants located in Minnesota and Mississippi.

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