Don’t believe us. Listen to what our clients have to say

By Jeff Winke

Mix-Tek’s growth in the Midwest is no accident. Owner John Schneider and his team will stop at nothing to become the premier asphalt sealant manufacturer in the Midwest.

Jake Abernathy at Doctor Asphalt says, “Mix-Tek has been awesome to work with. The product is the best we have ever used. It’s consistently the blackest, easiest to use, longest lasting sealant we have applied. It also fills in voids and mimics new asphalt better than any other sealer we have used. John and his team also take care of their clients. You can expect issues to be resolved immediately and attention paid to your concerns rather than just having a transactional relationship.”

ACI, a large MN and WI asphalt paving and maintenance contractor has been enjoying the same type of treatment from Mix-Tek. “Customer Service is a 10/10. Whether we need something quickly or have some questions, these guys are always there to help.” Says David Willis.

“Our clients are the lifeblood of our business.” says Schneider. “We will do all we can to make sure they have what is necessary to create a positive experience when using Pitch Black.” When it comes to the performance of the product David Willis at ACI has this to say, “Pitch Black looks absolutely beautiful. It is the easiest material we have ever worked with, and after a tough MN winter the product still looks great on the pavement.”

When asked if he would recommend Mix-Tek and Pitch Black to other applicators Willis replied with an adamant, “Yes, and I already have!”

Mix-Tek currently has locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Chicagoland area. For more information, please visit or call (608) 222-2335.