By Chris M. Vacca

Crafco transformed how pavement cracks were repaired over four decades ago. Today, they are among the most recognized and trusted materials and equipment manufacturers in the pavement preservation industry. Since 1976, Crafco has delivered the highest quality materials and equipment to extend pavement life effectively. Crafco products are used across the United States and globally to preserve pavement, bridges, roofing, waterproofing, and athletic surfaces. Be it roadway, parking lot, airport, or overpass, Crafco products are integral to maintaining and preserving our infrastructure.

Crafco’s high-quality sealants work in all climates and provide long-lasting protection, durability, and reliability. When tested, Crafco’s sealants demonstrated the longest service life in the industry, achieving 7+ years of service life in asphalt and 21+ years in concrete pavement joints*.

Some of the industry’s top brands that customers know and respect are part of the Crafco family, including Crafco® Roadsaver, PolyFlex, and Asphalt Rubber hot-applied sealants, Mastics One® and TechCreteTM repair products; Action Pave® pavement sealers and acrylic coatings for sport courts; Deery® sealants and mastics; Flex-A-Fill® sealants; and UltrasealTM sealants and waterproofing system.

At Crafco, the Materials Quality and Technology (MQT) Department rigorously tests and monitors the production of its materials for formula quality and product improvements. A staff of 24, including six engineers, is always focused on innovation and continuous quality. The professionals at Crafco work with ASTM to develop and update specifications for products used worldwide. The MQT department furthers research projects to target performance improvements through ongoing memberships and the Asphalt Institute. As a member of the Association of Modified Asphalt Producers, Crafco stays updated on new and ever-changing technology; this is something Crafco customers have come to expect when it comes to performance and value for all of their brands. The rigorous QA and QC standards established in this department verify nothing gets to a customer unless it is perfect.

From 1976, when Crafco first started, innovation has always been key to customer loyalty. The company started with the revolutionary idea of making a flexible sealant to repair pavement cracks. The pavement preservation industry was born when Crafco began its business using rubber reclaimed from old tires and a patented manufacturing process. Over the 45 year history of Crafco, the materials they produce are constantly evolving and improving. As a recognized leader in asphalt modification manufacturing, Crafco meets all the needs of its customers by having the most diverse line of pavement preservation products.

In the early 1980s, Crafco was the first manufacturer in the pavement preservation industry to package sealant in a box. Constantly innovating, Crafco now holds two patents on meltable packaging processes for sealants and mastics. Crafco’s innovative meltable packaging reduces packaging, removes waste, and saves labor. Meltable packaging is good for the environment and reduces labor costs for the customer – a win for you and the planet.

Crafco also produces the specialized equipment to apply its products. They designed and built the specialized equipment needed to utilize the innovative sealants it created, born from necessity at its origin. Crafco offers two revolutionary melter/applicator models – the EZ series, a workhorse, and the Super Shot series, its flagship melter.

The unsurpassed simplicity of the Super Shot series takes all the work out of the operation. An integrated control system monitors every aspect of the process. Crafco’s patented on-demand pump and sealant dispensing system makes crack sealing easy. Start the engine, set the temperature and the control system takes over – properly running the melter. Over several decades, the EZ series has evolved to the highest production melter Crafco offers. The center heating tower in the material vat speeds up melting and increases output. It is a workhorse that is unmatched.

Crafco also has the Model 30 Pavement Router, used to create a perfect reservoir for the sealant to be placed in the crack, optimizing its longevity and performance. The router can cut pavement at a rate of over 1000 linear feet per hour, getting the job done quickly. In anticipation of the OSHA regulation on dust and working to achieve a better overall work environment for the operator, Crafco pioneered a dust control system to contain the respirable dust generated when cutting the pavement.

Additionally, Crafco has developed a CrackVac unit to clean the pavement and contain the dust, dirt, and debris when cleaning the cracks. Equipped with a HEPA air filtering system, the environment stays clean, the operator remains comfortable, and no dust gets created.

All of Crafco’s equipment is manufactured to meticulous quality and usability standards and is backed by the best warranty in the industry. Because Crafco equipment is so intuitive and automated, it simplifies application and protects worker safety. Crafco’s Super ShotTM melter/applicator is the choice of contractors and winner of ROADS & BRIDGES magazine’s Contractor’s Choice Gold Award – eight years running!

The engineering group at Crafco is focused on developing new and innovative equipment and features through ongoing research to provide the industry’s safest and most reliable equipment. They are constantly testing the equipment, ensuring it meets the highest quality standard in the industry.

At Crafco, the success of its customers’ is their success as well. All of the employees at Crafco and its distributors are dedicated to making sure its customers are successful. Crafco appreciates the many years of success achieved together with its very loyal customers.

When it comes to partnering with Crafco, they make it easy. Crafco has a nationwide distribution network that offers maintenance, repairs, troubleshooting, new and used equipment sales, and rentals. Crafco’s team will consult with its customers to find the best, most cost-effective solution for needed. Crafco and its distribution network provide expert training, on-site support, troubleshooting, and service. From high-performance materials to award-winning equipment, It’s no wonder Crafco is a recognized leader in the pavement preservation industry.

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*PPRA website, Treatment Resource Center, visited September 19, 2018.