When does Cimline succeed? When you do.

The story of Cimline’s success doesn’t just reflect on the company itself, but the industry it was built to serve. After all, its road to becoming a trusted name in asphalt equipment was paved with a constant desire to grow alongside the many contractors, public entity customers and dealer partners who use its equipment every day. Cimline has built its success on listening to the crews who go home with dirt under their fingernails, the dealers who service their machines and educate the industry, the company owners and purchasing agents who demand the highest quality for the best available price, and the engineers who specify quality in worksite specifications. It has taken more than five decades of innovating machines and working closely with customers to achieve where they are today, and Cimline is committed to the growth of the future with its partners.

Despite humble beginnings, Cimline found success more than 50 years ago when it designed its first melter applicator and developed a very popular concrete saw. Although the initial equipment portfolio was small, Cimline equipment quickly became known for its quality and reliability. Cimline’s customers responded to the company’s operator-friendly approach with sales, and the company began to grow. This was the start of Cimline’s journey to provide equipment that is easy to operate, easy to repair and reduces downtime.

Rather than rest on their success, the folks at Cimline knew they had to continue to innovate. That meant designing the industry’s latest technology into Cimline’s products and achieving growth by diversifying its lineup of equipment. Cimline’s engineering team started asking two questions that still drive its process to this day: What is working, and what can be improved in the pavement maintenance industry? The team also knew it couldn’t lose sight of what Cimline’s customers wanted in a machine—a machine that they rely on all day, every day—and how Cimline can make their pavement maintenance jobs easier, safer, and more productive. This process led to the first all-diesel melter design, offered by Cimline in the early 1980s. The all-diesel technology’s popularity quickly grew within the melter class. Over time, Cimline developed features that are now industry-wide standards, including the machines’ heated hoses that shorten the morning start-up process and simplify operations and training. Soon after these technology gains, Cimline began investing in creating a wider selection of machines that could handle crack sealing and pavement maintenance tasks on a broader scale.

The next step for Cimline was the introduction of pavement routers, random crack saws and other tools utilized by the hot applied sealant market.
Fueled by its trusted name and the red-hot success of its all-diesel melter, Cimline began the creation of 150-, 230-, and 410-gallon units that allow contractors to efficiently work jobs ranging in size from parking lots to mainline highways. One of Cimline’s most successful accomplishments is how its engineering team developed the industry’s quickest block-to-blacktop melting process with the Cimline M-Series Crack Sealer. Crews running a Cimline unit are road-ready faster while working on the quietest and easiest-to-use asphalt crack-sealing machine in the industry. Contractors around the world praise the Cimline M-Series Crack Sealer for its lower loading height, simple control systems and operator comfort.
And that doesn’t even mention the reliability customers can count on from Cimline products, said Ian Cousins of Canada-based Road Savers Western Ltd.

“The Cimline melters are more productive and (require) less maintenance than the other machines,” said Cousins, who purchased his first Cimline melter in 2002. “I had other melters but they always seemed to have problems.”

Demand for Cimline equipment kept growing. However, to be the best possible resource for its customers, Cimline needed to grow its equipment portfolio beyond hot applied sealants. This led to the purchase of DuraPatcher in 2006. With the inclusion of DuraPatcher, Cimline greatly diversified its offering of melter applicators, routers, spray injection patchers, vertical emulsion storage tanks, and tack kettles. The needs of the customers were growing, and so was Cimline. With a broader product offering, Cimline again changed its method of investment and began building one of the industry’s most robust asphalt dealer networks. This ensured Cimline’s customers’ needs were met for distribution, service support, and most of all—expert training. Cimline invested in programs to enhance its ability to provide training and troubleshooting support for all of its equipment. These investments have enabled Cimline dealers to keep their customers’ crews working with decreased downtime. Ultimately, this leads to increased profits for all.

“The support from Cimline has always been great,” said Cousins. “The people when you (call) are always ready to help. The schools that are put on are really helpful.”

As Cimline grew with its best-in-class distributor network, it quickly realized its relationship with contractors and distributors was a major driver behind its innovation and needed to remain a focus. Cimline saw an opportunity to grow with its customer base and added support equipment for crews that were working on larger job sites that required more complex site preparation. This led to tools like the Heat Lance and the X2 skid-mount compressor with front-mounted boom. Cimline also developed the one-of-a-kind C1, a combination mastic machine and crack sealer that was created to offer contractors and municipalities hot applied sealants and mastic patch applications using just one piece of equipment. The development of the C1 led to traditional block-melting mastic machines in 60-, 250-, and 350-gallon capacities. Contractors and agencies responded with high praise for the new and innovative products that focused on operators’ safety and ease of use.

The desire to be a complete equipment solution for contractors and agencies motivates Cimline to continually invest in new technology that drives the pavement maintenance industry forward. Cimline engineers are continually researching, developing and delivering products for pavement preservation. A shining example of this is how Cimline has incorporated VRAM technology. VRAM, or Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane, fills voids at the centerline, significantly decreasing permeability and increasing crack resistance. VRAM prevents damage to the centerline caused by water and air, from the bottom up. It can also extend the life of longitudinal joints by approximately three to five years with an estimated ROI of three to five times the initial cost. Several state DOTs have adopted VRAM, and the number is growing. To help its customers offer this breakthrough product, Cimline participated in the design and marketing of the first trailer-mounted, hot-applied VRAM machine with computer rate control: the MA4. The Cimline team is now seeing exciting success in this preventive pavement maintenance process.

The MA4 was initially designed for longitudinal joint sealing with VRAM but soon found success with fog-sealing features such as rumble strips and paint lines, as well as several bridge deck sealing operations. The MA4 gives contractors the opportunity to grow into the VRAM application industry without the need for a CDL truck license endorsement. It can be taken to remote locations behind a one-ton truck, allowing operators to continuously load material in those distant locations. The Cimline MA4 ultimately gives contractors control of their schedule and job completion dates rather than having to wait on a specialized material applicator. As for operations, the MA4 is true to Cimline’s form: safe and easy for any crew to operate. The controls are intuitive and redundant and require minimal training to make expert-level application, accurately and consistently.
Whether you are working on a street, highway, bridge, or parking lot, Cimline, Inc., and its dealer partners are the best solution for your crew to protect pavement structures and surfaces from water intrusion and further damage. Cimline pavement maintenance equipment will keep your crew safe and productive on the job site while you stay compliant with critical OSHA, Department of Transportation (DOT), and Federal specifications pertaining to pavement maintenance.

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