By Monica Pitts

#1 Goal: Show people who you are as a company.
The content you personally post on social media is not the same stuff you put out as a company on LinkedIn. Here are a few tips to get you rolling to make the most of LinkedIn for your construction company.

Make sure to post once a week.
Some companies are posting way more than that, and if you have the content to do so, go for it. It’s not going to hurt you to post every other day. Just be consistent.

Use a social media scheduling software.
At MayeCreate, we use Loomly. Once it’s set up, you can choose from several different social platforms and publish to all in one go. Then you don’t have to worry about remembering to post something manually in 3 or 4 different social networks, you can plan your posts in advance, and you’ll cut down on errors as well.

Use tags (and post about your projects).
Project before and afters tend to do well, especially if you have partnered with other companies. Share photos of the project and tag the other companies in the post. Generally, on LinkedIn, posts with tags, even for just one other company, will do way better.

Share content from your company LinkedIn page on your personal LinkedIn profile.
People who follow you personally will get to see what you do every day, and people who follow your company will know the staff cares about what they do.

Have your employees link to you from their profile.
Encourage any of your employees who are on LinkedIn to list your company on their profile, and make sure they have the actual company Page linked. Then, anyone they follow, or anyone who follows them, will see your company Page’s content because they have a connection to those who work there.

Share work anniversaries or throwbacks to when staff started with your company.
It’s fun to post a photo of someone when they started and a current photo side-by-side. They may have been fresh out of high school or college when they started and look totally different than they do now.

These posts show the longevity of your company and how long people stay. While you’re giving your staff an attaboy, you’re also showing your audience that your employees like you enough to work with you from the 70s until now.

Share the fun and family moments.
Have a safety vest and hardhat fashion show or post your CEO going down in a dunk tank at a local charity event. When are the moments you feel most like your company is a family? Those moments of fun make great content for LinkedIn because they are work related but aren’t so serious. They show your company is human.

Go live on LinkedIn!
People are embracing live video, and you can go live on LinkedIn. Even better, the video is right at the top of your profile, meaning people don’t have to scroll to find it. There are a whole bunch of different ways you could use live video to promote your company.

Post job openings.
It’s what the platform was created for. MayeCreate has found many amazing employees through LinkedIn. Though don’t let the “free” posting opportunity fool you. I have always had to pay to promote the jobs I’ve posted on LinkedIn if I want people to see them.

The thing I don’t like as much about posting jobs on LinkedIn is it’s not easy to manage setting appointments and all the interactions you have going on. It’s not a full-scale management system like Indeed.

Auto message individuals based on interests or demographics.
You can use third party services to automatically reach out to people of a certain demographic and message them to boost connections and facilitate new relationships.

Run a super targeted LinkedIn ad.
If you are doing business-to-business marketing and want to place ads, you can get super targeted on LinkedIn. However, the cost of entry is higher. Your cost per click, meaning your cost per interaction on an ad, might be equal to that of Facebook, but LinkedIn requires a larger daily budget to run your ads then other networks.

LinkedIn is a platform built on connection.
LinkedIn is more like a good old fashioned networking event than any other social network.

You will see more content on LinkedIn from companies you do not follow, because it’s shared by people you know. And you’re more likely to see content from people you have interacted with on LinkedIn than on any other platform.

Take advantage of the interested audience, and promote your company on LinkedIn. It’s an evolving platform full of tools to make your business even more successful than it already is.

Monica Pitts is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of MayeCreate Design. She spends her days constructing a marriage of form and function; creating art with her design team to grow businesses through websites and online marketing. Monica considers herself an artist, marketer and web dork with the ability to speak geek and English.