Offering faster, more durable equipment

The equipment division of the Valley Slurry Seal, Co. family, VSS Macropaver, stemmed from the need within the construction industry for a faster, more durable equipment that was capable of withstanding the rigorous day to day operations of road maintenance.

The Macropaver was devised as a rugged and reliable large production machine for slurry seal and micro surfacing. Since its creation, today’s Macropaver has proven to be one of the fastest, most flexible and cost-effective machines in the road maintenance industry. The VSS name is recognized around the world.

Now with VSS Macropaver’s latest acquisition, we bring in the most respected name in infrared asphalt repair – Kasi Infrared.

Kasi Infrared’s equipment line is designed to quickly and efficiently solve infrastructure issues around the world, and we offer a range of infrared asphalt equipment to meet your needs. The Kasi Patriot and Minuteman are self-contained Infrared Asphalt Repair business on wheels. They are both equipment with a hydraulic lift 48 sq. ft. infrared chamber with 8 rows of patented UltraGlow converters. They combine the Infrared Chamber, walk behind roller, water tank, tool storage, and a 2 to 6 Ton Asphalt Reclaimer all in one package. Our infrared equipment require only a 2 or 3 man crew, allowing a more streamlined and cost effective repair process. Infrared technology prevents future entryway for water. This enables potholes to be prevented. Repair only takes 25 Minutes. Meaning minimal disruption to traffic. Every piece of infrared equipment KASI offers is tough, durable and construction ready. Infrared produces a higher quality repair over traditional methods cut and replacement methods – at a much lower cost – allowing contractors of all sizes to be more competitive in their respective markets.

VSS Macropaver not only manufactures slurry pavers and infrared asphalt repair equipment, but asphalt emulsion plants, polymer modified asphalt plants, asphalt rubber blending systems, asphalt rubber smoke hoods and the Noble line of aggregate feeders.

If you have a pavement preservation equipment need – VSS has The Right Solution, Right Now!

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