BWS & STARGATE – The power of innovation

As North American business continues to experience a return to domestic manufacturing, transportation becomes all the more vital to maintaining supply chains—and nowhere is that more evident than in trucking. Keeping these trucks on the road, it is essential to have a strong supportive collection of highways and byways which would not exist without the paving and road building industry.

BWS is your leading steel frame trailer manufacturer in North America. Our mission revolves around innovation, always aiming to offer to the customer the best possible solution to his needs. We recognized some of the prominent issues that accompany the paving industry, so we’ve engineered a solution to diminish these problems. Equipment Trailers or ET, have been designed to suit many different vocations from agriculture to construction and the trailer is widely accepted for its versatility. The paver model features unique bi-fold air ramps that allow operators to load multiple pieces of equipment. These ramps offer 7-degree load angles for low clearance products such as pavers. The trailer features superior beavertail angles that are ideal for those looking for an accelerated loading and unloading process. Multiple widths, lengths, and axle and wheel configurations are available to accommodate everyone in the paving industry. An in-floor full width air actuated ramp accessing the gooseneck offers a 7-degree load angle and gives roadbuilding crews the chance to maximize their payload, reducing the number of trips to the jobsites. The ET has proven itself to reduce costs while maximizing return on investment. Equipment Trailers are packed with standard features and leave out messy hydraulics and lifting heavy ramps. Engineered for tough environments, the paver model promotes safety for your crew and ensures your business will save money and time. BWS’s trailers are capable of transporting almost any conceivable material, a testament to its in-house engineering and research and development team. Many of our senior employees have previous heavy equipment operating experience, giving us the chance to think like our customers and to provide a superior product experience.

STARGATE is totally committed to understanding and meeting the quality needs and expectations of all customers. Our team is a trusted and invaluable resource providing top of the line trailers no matter the industry. Stargate live bottom trailers have been developed by and for you, the customer. The Stargate live bottom or belt trailer as it can be commonly known, are renowned for delivering one of the highest payloads in the market. They are designed to haul a variety of loads from asphalt to aggregate which is important to the road building industry. Our chainless belt drive and all aluminum construction offers reduced maintenance while maximizing payload and decreasing offloading time. Multiple lengths and axle configurations are available ensuring no matter what work environment you’re working in; you have the reliable equipment to get the job done. With ease of operation in mind, the live bottom model is fully operational from the cab of the truck. No special hydraulic systems required. STARGATE trailers are highly customizable and in our wide range of industry leading dependable trailers, a rigorous quality control process takes place to ensure all is built as requested. All Stargate trailers are manufactured with North American brand name components which are easily sourced at most local parts outlets.

BWS and Stargate Manufacturing have a proud reputation for delivering quality equipment that accommodate all industries. We design and engineer based upon safety, ways to contain maintenance cost, increase structural integrity and customer input which increase your profits. We are confident that our trailers will serve your requirements for many years and our team is ready to help you find the ultimate solution for your company.