The Blitz comes with a high capacity fuel system and your choice of a 26 or 40 horsepower engine.

Buffalo Turbine continues to add to their line-up with the all new Blitz, stand on zero-turn blower. The Blitz is the only turbine stand on blower in the world! The efficiency of the turbine means you are moving up to 3 times as much air per horsepower as any other design blower. Faster, greener, quieter, more robust! When it comes to speed and efficiency, the team at Buffalo Turbine is revolutionizing the industry yet again. The Blitz is packed with features targeted to reduce work time and give the operator as much ergonomic comfort as they could ask for. Like the rest of Buffalo Turbine’s lineup, the Blitz has full 360° nozzle rotation. The best part is, unlike other stand on debris blowers, the velocity of airflow is always massive at any angle. That’s right, whether you are blowing left or right, the velocity is the same. Incorporated into your right hand control is a thumb rocker switch which allows you effortless control of the nozzle while stationary, moving forward, or backing up. No need to slow down or stop to wait for the directional to move. From the perfect position of the control handles, contoured lean pad, shock suspension, and even having a cup holder, minimizing operator fatigue was an obvious focal point when designing the Blitz.

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