By Chris Vacca

From its humble beginnings in 1976, Crafco has grown into the world’s most recognized and trusted materials and equipment manufacturer for pavement preservation products. Its sealants can be found in use across the United States and around the world performing in all climatic conditions. Contractors and agencies globally rely on Crafco’s equipment to provide dependable and reliable performance for applying crack sealants.

Crafco manufactures both hot-applied crack sealants and the specialized equipment for applying sealants into pavement cracks. Creating this synergy is a distinct benefit that only Crafco provides its customers. Designed to work together, Crafco’s sealants and equipment provide consistency for optimal results.

The right melter.
Selecting a melter is an important element of the crack sealing process. The right melter can help your crew work faster and more efficiently. Having the correct safety features can also help avoid costly mistakes and accidents. When selecting a melter these are important factors to consider in addition to how it will accommodate your productivity level now and allow for growth in the future. Also consider the experience level of your crack sealing crew.

Crafco customers choose our melter machines because they are extremely reliable, can withstand heavy workloads over years of use, and they require minimal repairs and maintenance. One paving owner from Oklahoma stated about his Crafco melter, “It’s just reliable, and it’s meant to last a long time.”

All Crafco’s equipment is manufactured to meticulous quality and usability standards and is backed by the best warranty in the industry. In addition to being durable and reliable, Crafco melters are also extremely intuitive. The Super Shot features automated functionality to simplify the crack sealing process for work crews. So, if you have a new crew, the Super Shot takes all the guesswork out of the crack sealing operation.

Simplifying the crack sealing process.
Crafco’s flagship melter is the Super Shot, available in 60-gallon, 125-gallon, and 250-gallon tank capacities. Launched in 1996, the Super Shot’s unique advantage is a patented, true on-demand pumping system. The pump is mounted inside the melter, eliminating material recirculation and any external plumbing. This innovative on-demand pump and its sealant-dispensing systems work seamlessly together to make the crack sealing process run smoothly for maintenance crews.

One owner from a pavement company in Oklahoma stated, “Probably the best thing that I know is the pump. I’ve never had to tear into a pump. But using a competitor’s machine, you tend to get the pump locked up a lot more, from my experience.”

Optimized with easy-to-use controls and automated functions, the Super Shot is engineered to be the easiest to use in the industry. A Highway Division Manager from Utah stated, “Super Shot 250 is quick to heat up and very user friendly.” Just start the engine, set the temperature, and the control system takes over to properly run the melter. The engine, heating, agitation, and application systems are all integrated and run by a control box that monitors every aspect of the process.

Designed with safety in mind.
Safety is a priority for any agency or contractor to ensure the security of their employees and reduce any preventable injuries during a crack seal project. A Project Manager from a Utah paving company commented “Eliminating or reducing the risk to the workers is a huge point that we want to make sure is there.”

That’s why Crafco developed best-in-class safety features on its Super Shot melters, to protect both the operator and the public. Controls are located at the back of the machine to keep the operator away from traffic on both sides of the unit. The burner system is easily accessible and has built-in safety features. The loading height for material is designed for efficiency, ergonomics, and enhanced operator safety.

The applicator wand on the Super Shot is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature to stop the flow of sealant when the handle is released or dropped. This increases operator safety, reduces fatigue, and saves material. The Super Shot’s hose is supported by a new six-foot Flex Boom that rotates horizontally and flexes up and down. This eliminates hose failures due to wear and tear from the boom hanger and keeps the hose from dragging on the ground during operation. It also makes the wand feel lighter in the operator’s hand.

Designed and built for ease of use, safety, reliability, and productivity, the Crafco Super Shot melter/applicator series helps crack sealing crews get more done.

Customer success.
Success starts with great service and information about Crafco products. Crafco takes pride in its ongoing training programs, one-on-one exchange of information, and efforts to help the company’s customers achieve success using Crafco products.

A General Superintendent from Oklahoma stated, “The reputation of their products and their tools led us to them. Working in central Oklahoma, they are one of the oldest and have the best reputation of joint suppliers in this area. Over the last 20 years, I’ve made the decision to stick with their products.”

Crafco is positioned to service customers from around the world and is always looking toward the future. With the ever-increasing challenge of pavement preservation, Crafco is secure with the knowledge that it can depend on its people and its experience to meet these challenges. We will continue working hard to bring innovation to an industry needing effective, long-lasting pavement preservation materials and equipment.

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