By Matt Starnes

Versatility is the ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.

The new All-Electric CityCat VR50e Sweeper from Bucher Municipal fits that definition.

There are plenty of electric compact sweepers on the market (including our own CityCat V20e) from the leading sweeper manufacturers. Compact sweepers have their place for the correct application. The main criticism from contractors and municipalities alike is the lack of power and capacity in paving, construction, and industrial applications.

Bucher CityCat VR50e
Mid-sized pure vacuum sweeper
Keeping versatility in mind, Bucher Municipal’s new mid-sized all-electric pure vacuum CityCat VR50e delivers on power, flexibility, and adaptability.

The Bucher CityCat VR50e solves the “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” conundrum. While traditional truck mounted sweepers tend to use more fuel and are too large to access all municipal environments, compact sweepers tend to lack enough hopper capacity for large jobs and shifts. Each of these sweepers has its place in a street sweeper fleet, but sometimes you need a mid-sized sweeper. The pick up, pulled brush system with wide suction intake in front of axle is hydraulically moved 15” laterally to the left or righ-hand side of the sweeper. The two standard side brushes in combination with a 3rd bruch have a 148” maximum sweeping width. The VR50e delivers with the appetite of a large truck mounted sweeper, the functionality of a multipurpose vehicle and the maneuverability of a compact sweeper; all delivered in a single package.

Full shift sweeping
One of the problems early electric powered vehicles ran into was lack of range or work time before recharging. The all-electric Bucher CityCat VR50e is powered by a 137 kWh Bucher Battery Pack which provides the autonomy to fulfill a full 10-hour shift. Stop for coffee, stop for lunch, but you don’t have to stop to recharge the battery right away. When you do need to charge, you can charge anywhere, anytime with both AC 22kW and optional DC 70kW allowing full flexibility and customization to your charging needs.

You don’t have to compromise performance by going electric either. Heavy-duty suction and a high payload are combined with a four-wheel steering system providing capacity in the form of a 7.3 yd³ stainless steel hopper (with high dump option) and agility via the hydrostatic controlled four-wheel steering.

After a long sweeping shift cleaning is minimized with the EasyClean self-cleaning function. The blower, filter screen, dirty water tank, side walls, and other difficult to reach pockets of dirt are then sprayed by the cleaning nozzles resulting in perfectly clean machine within minutes.

True sustainability too with low environmental impact first via the custom-designed zero emmision Bucher Battery Pack that’s tailored to the sweeper. This proven technology helps deliver a minimal footprint to the environment and achieves low noise emissions (goodbye noise pollution).

Water? While it may seem odd to mention water when talking about electricity, it makes sense with today’s critical water supply issues. The CityCat VR50e uses a recirculation system to reuse water inside the hopper. The result? Reduced refilling costs and extends on-station/work time with the 232 gallon water capacity.

Water is also used to suppress dust via water jests on each brush to provide a fine clean water spray and trap dust particles lifted by the two (or optional third brush) brushes. Recycled water from the hopper if filtered and fed into the suction intake. (The VR50e is PM 2.5 and PM10 4 star certified for dust emissions).

Low cost of ownership
One of the most valuable benefits of the CityCat VR50e is the low cost ownership.
How is this accomplished?

  • Water recirculation system reuses the service water from the hopper and feeds this to the suction intake to minimize fill-ups and maximize on-station time.
  • Self-adjusting disc brakes on both axles reduce service time.
  • Energy-saving LED lights offer more powerful lighting while significantly reducing the number of times bulbs require replacement.
  • Reduced number of greasing points with autolube option to save on servicing costs.
  • Vulnerable nodes and electronic components protected up to IP69 standard and additional covers reduce risk of further water ingress.
  • CSense display with full on-board diagnostics and reduced downtime.
  • Steel hydraulic pipes replace flexible hoses to reduce chaffing and premature hose wear. Up to 60% less hydraulic hoses than other sweepers in this class.
  • Hopper manufactured out of stainless steel for protection against corrosion and wear.
  • Heavy-duty fan with wear resistant blades.
  • Hydraulic, optimized design for less maintenance.
  • Maintenance-free Bucher Battery Pack protected in a shock, water, and dust-proof case.

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Written by Matt Starnes, Product Marketing Manager Bucher Municipal North America, Inc.