Doctor Asphalt, LLC, Madison, Wisconsin

By Jeff Winke

A couple of childhood friends created Doctor Asphalt, LLC, while sophomores in college at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. It seemed like a good way for Jake Abernathy and Brad LaVesque to fund their college costs. Both had previously worked in the asphalt paving industry so they saw the potential. The company name, Doctor Asphalt, is a nod to Brad who had plans to enter medical school to become a surgeon. By the time they were finishing their undergraduate degrees, the company had exploded in growth and was requiring more than Brad wished to handle. He sold his interest to his partner Jake. During these first few years, the company had grown 100% annually and also expanded to the Minneapolis area where they both are from.

Doctor Asphalt is a full-service residential and commercial asphalt paving and maintenance contractor serving Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and Minnesota.

Stated Jake Abernathy, president of Doctor Asphalt: “We specialize in commercial and residential asphalt paving, milling repairs with finished paved overlay, protective sealcoating, crack filling to ensure functionality and restore appearance, infrared patching, pavement marking and striping to ensure safe navigation and parking.”

The company completed a couple of major pavement maintenance projects for Costco at the end of last season. Costco is the warehouse company that sells items in bulk or in larger sizes than customers can find in the average retail store. There are normal products in Costco stores, including furniture, mattresses, home furnishings, clothing and more. Most notably, one of the Costco projects was completed in full within 24 hours. There is a video of that project on the Doctor Asphalt website as well as YouTube.