Forward-leaning Bucher keeps the innovations coming

Standing out and keeping up with the ever-changing sweeping requirements of asphalt, construction, and paving clean-up requires forward-thinking solutions.

Last year’s revamp of the Bucher MaxPowa E35m Mechanical Sweeper, and the continuously improving industry favorite, the MaxPowa V65 Pure Vacuum Sweeper, are perfect examples of constant forward thinking.

While mechanical street sweepers are the traditional first choice for asphalt and paving projects, it’s more and more common to see pure vacuum sweepers being used on worksites to pick up fine material. Often a mechanical street sweeper takes the first pass and cleans up the larger debris, followed by the pure vacuum to pick up the smaller particulate matter.

Whether you use one or both sweeping technologies, the importance of choosing a street sweeper manufacturer that adapts to your cleanup needs is crucial.

Response to the “Bulldozer of Street Sweepers”, the Bucher MaxPowa E35m Single-Engine Sweeping Solution
Butcher’s MaxPowa E35m sweeper won the Contractor’s Choice Silver award and continues to incorporate your feedback and requests into their products to help solve the toughest real-world sweeping challenges.

Contractors and municipalities rely on street sweepers to tackle a wide variety of heavy material. The most common sweeper hopper contents include concrete millings, chunks of asphalt, broken pavement, mud and a variety of construction debris. A must-have feature of mechanical sweepers is the ability to dump into on-ground dumpsters or dump trucks.

The 2022 refresh of the MaxPowa E35m included improvements to the following systems based on contractor and municipality feedback:

  • Water systems.
  • Rear roller door.
  • Broom cover hinge.
  • Elevator support pin.
  • Side access doors.
  • Gutter broom motor labyrinth.

Key specs of the Bucher E35m:

  • 4.5 cubic yards of hopper capacity.
  • Stainless steel hopper.
  • Chain-driven, 12-flight, squeegee-type conveyor.
  • 50-gallon water tank.
  • Large leading arm/digger-type gutter brooms.
  • Tight 18.6-inch turning radius with 136-in. wheelbase.

The E35m is still a single-engine design, delivering the power needed for the toughest jobs while eliminating the hassle and extra costs of a second engine.

Hopper Lifts High
The E35m hopper is raised and lowered via a heavy-duty, two-stage scissors lift with hydraulic cylinders.

The lift capacity is rated at 12,000 lbs., and the hopper dump angle is 54 degrees, including a 42-in. chute for better reach and efficient off-loading of debris.

The optional Ultra High Dump provides an additional 18 inches in tip height, ideally suited for transferring debris into a larger dump/tipper truck.

MaxPowa V65 Pure Vacuum Street Sweeper
The Bucher Municipal V65 pure vacuum sweeper is available to tackle the toughest environment and even includes a stainless-steel hopper. It’s also available in a twin or single-engine setup, proving you can still be fuel efficient without compromising power.

Key specs of the Bucher V65:

  • Massive 8.5 cubic yards of hopper capacity.
  • Complete hopper constructed of 9-gauge stainless steel.
  • Up to 141-in. swept width (with the simultaneous sweep option).
  • 410-gallon water tank.
  • Wireless discharge control.
  • PM 10/2.5 certified.

The top-mounted wanderhose, also referred to as a powerboom, has 280-degree rotation—available in 5.9-in. and 7.87-in. diameters—which can be used as a catch basin cleaner. The wanderhose make the V65 a more versatile piece of equipment to own for contractors or municipalities as it offers another tool in their cleaning and clearing arsenal.

Another option is the Supawash, which provides an option for high pressure-water (seven gallons a minute at 1,450 PSI) for added cleaning; the handlance’s 49-foot hose reel can be used to clean worksites—and even the machine itself.

Don’t forget the V65 sweeper’s big brother, the V80, which has a 10.5 cubic-yard hopper and a gigantic, 529-gallon water tank.

Bucher is the only sweeper manufacturer to offer an all-inclusive warranty (2-years/2,000 hours) and an “entire debris hopper” constructed of stainless steel as a standard with a lifetime warranty.

Bucher also carries regenerative air and compact sweepers. Whatever your application, they have your solution.

So, if you don’t buy both a mechanical and pure vacuum street sweepers, how do you choose? After careful analysis of your sweeping project the key question is: What’s your main application? What is your greatest need and what will the sweeper be sweeping 80% of the time?

Once you’ve decided on the sweeper (or sweepers) best for your application, Bucher’s financing options make it possible to purchase one or more sweepers depending on your needs.

Rather than having to wait, Bucher offers co-op purchasing and financing to make equipment available for immediate purchase for contractors or municipalities. Bucher offers a free financing calculator to run through different scenarios. There is even a video to help you understand your options on the Bucher website.

Bucher uses a blended dealer network and direct approach to sell, service and support its products in North America. Wherever you need a street sweeper, Bucher is there.

Bucher Municipal is the world’s leading supplier of municipal vehicles, and its product range in North America includes sewer cleaning and street sweeper equipment. When it comes to technology and equipment that can clean sustainably and efficiently, Bucher Municipal leads the way.

Matt Starnes is the Product Marketing Manager for Bucher Municipal North America, Inc. headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina. To learn more, visit To book a demo, please call us at 704-658-1333.