The goal at HOG is to innovate solutions that maximize productivity, minimize costs, and optimize results. For over 30 years, HOG has taken that philosophy forward through innovations such as vacuum recovery, GPS guidance, the HOG Tusk, and the Triple Spray Bar on our Stripe HOGs, rapid on-demand material melting in our Thermo Hog and lateral kettle design on our Thermo & Epoxy HOGs, as well as smart cylinders, sonic vibration technology, and computer-controlled profiling on our Grinder & Rumble HOGs.

These innovations have allowed HOG to craft a wide range of versatile solutions; however, versatility doesn’t always mean reinventing the wheel. It can come in a form as simple as not requiring a CDL license to operate our equipment.
Hog’s first non-CDL solutions were offered in the form of the Stripe HOG SK2000 and the Surface HOG As HOG’s product line has expanded, so have the non-CDL options. Today, Hog offers a non-CDL Grinder, the GH2, a non-CDL Epoxy truck, the Epoxy Hog Jr, and a non-CDL paint truck.

In today’s increasingly competitive job market, HOG’s line of non-CDL trucks opens you up to a whole new group of potential candidates.

Stripe HOG SK2000
The Stripe HOG SK2000 has been the long-standing non-CDL solution for water blasting. Built on a chassis or on a trailer, the SK2000 offers the same 40,000 psi ultra-high-pressure power as all of the other, larger Stripe HOGs. It only uses clean, potable water with no harsh chemicals making it environmentally friendly.

Simultaneous vacuum recovery allows the surface to quickly dry. New pavement markings can be laid down within 20 minutes after removal. With the equipment powered by an auxiliary engine, it makes the SK2000 perfect for both domestic and international markets.

To extend the runtime of the SK2000, optional bladder bags allow an operator to store extra dirty water in the fresh water tank. The bags float on top of the fresh water and as the water is used, the bags fill to occupy the empty space. Other debris gets filtered down to 10 micron and stored in a stainless steel debris tank for easy disposal.

Grinder HOG GH2
The Grinder HOG comes in different sizes with the typical model having 3 or 4 grinding heads. While HOG has built several of these trucks, customers have voiced a desire for a solution for smaller jobs. That is when HOG decided to offer a 2-headed grinding solution that contained all of the innovations of its larger counterpart.

The result was the Grinder HOG GH2. Just like its bigger brother, the GH2’s heads can extend outward up to 36” from the chassis and can support PCD teeth in flat, round (flat or domed), double round (domed), and triple round (flat) formats for different finish profiles.

The computer-controlled profiling technology allows just one operator to make adjustments on-the-fly from the safety of the truck’s cab. Patented simultaneous vacuum recovery also promotes dust control that is compliant with OSHA guidelines making this a powerful, smaller solution for contractors that do not require a larger vehicle for most of their jobs.

Epoxy HOG
The Epoxy HOG is HOG’s latest solution for the pavement marking industry. It is a plural component truck capable of laying epoxy or polyurea material. Like the other solutions from HOG, it, too, is typically built on a full-sized chassis; however, when HOG shifted from vertical kettles to lateral, an opportunity arose to create an Epoxy truck on a smaller chassis that did not require a CDL license to operate.

The Epoxy HOG revolutionizes the way plural component trucks operate. Unlike competitive trucks, the Epoxy HOG only requires one burner (vs three or four), one glycol pump (vs four to six), and contains no glycol-jacketed lines. Mixing is also accomplished by pumping in the tank without any moving components which results in fewer moving parts buried in resin and/or catalyst.

With lateral tanks under the deck, the Epoxy HOG eliminates a situation where you are leaving paint totes partially filled. Normally, a worker would attach a paint tote to their plural component truck and pump the material into the truck until the tank was full. If there was material leftover, rather than emptying the tote then attaching a new one to finish the filling process, a worker would just grab a new, full tote to use, creating wasted material.

Since the kettles are gravity-fed, the tote stays on the truck until it is completely emptied. At that point, just switch the tote to store or continue the filling process. This also allows you to be selective in the material you bring such as the right color for the job or extra beads. Plus, all loading is instantaneous without the need for forklifts or a large staging area.

Thermo Pre-Melters
Of course, HOG couldn’t forget about one of the most popular pavement marking methods: thermoplastic.

Their Thermo Pre-Melters use the same melting technology as their Thermo HOGs by placing two fully oil-jacketed lateral kettles within the deck that are equipped with a robust mixing and blending system. Temperatures never exceed 500 degrees which results in no burnt or charred material.

Because the entire surface of the kettles are heated, there is no need to wait for the material to settle to the bottom as would normally be seen in direct-fire kettles. This means that an operator can instantly shutdown once they are finished at the job site. In addition, the heating up process takes roughly one hour to complete.

The Pre-Melters are available on a non-CDL chassis or on a skid that you can mount to the chassis of your choice. There are even options for a seat for an operator to place recessed pavement markers.

New Innovation Coming Soon: Paint HOG Jr.
The Paint HOG is HOG’s waterborne paint pavement marking solution. The previous iterations of the truck were available in both an atomized air and airless format and were typically built on larger chassis.

Now, the Paint HOG Jr. uses HOG’s lateral kettle technology to provide extra room on the deck for paint totes which are gravity-fed into the kettles. This innovation has allowed HOG to shrink the overall footprint of the vehicle and build the Paint HOG on a chassis that does not require the use of a CDL license to operate.

With these innovations, HOG now has non-CDL options in their water blasting, surface cleaning, pavement marking, and grinding/grooving/rumbling product lanes. For years, HOG has made the claim that they have your size and with these non-CDL options, that claim has never been more true.

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