Love’s Asphalt Solutions, LLC Scott, Louisiana

By Jeff Winke

WHO ARE WE?ith only a full-time staff of about seven employees– including the owner, sales manager, and bookkeeper–Love’s Asphalt Solutions delivers quality, award-winning work. Owner, Kristofer Love started Love’s Asphalt Solutions in 2015 with $600 and a five-gallon bucket. Now Love’s Asphalt works out of an 8,000 sq ft warehouse with a fleet of equipment.

“It was March of 2015, I was working in the oilfield during an economic downturn,” Love recalled. “In June I got laid off, and started another job in the oilfield making 50% of what I was making. After a few months, I walked into a local butcher shop that had an asphalt parking lot and asked if they wanted it sealcoated? The owner turned and said ‘yep give me a price.’ I got the job and with $600 dollars, Love’s Asphalt was created. Three months of hustle later, the work load was more then I was making in the oilfield, so a year after being ‘downsized,’ I quit my oilfield job and made Love’s Asphalt my fulltime job.”

Love continued: “The following two years were up and down and to keep from going under I took a six-month security project guarding an oil production platform in international waters. After those six months, I refocused on Love’s Asphalt and started a marketing campaign that landed me my first apartment complex pavement overlay. Shortly after I purchased my first paver and roller. Since then we have self-financed 90% of the equipment in our fleet.

“We have developed relationships with real estate management companies, where we handle the majority of their property portfolios between east Texas, Louisiana, southern Mississippi, southern Arkansas, and Alabama.”

Love’s Asphalt Solutions is a full-service, in-house commercial and residential driveway and parking lot repair provider, specializing in services from milling and paving, to patching, striping sealcoating, curb repairs, and crack filling. Commercial work takes up about 90% of Love’s portfolio and 10% is residential work.

Projects range from paving a thousand square foot driveways to sealcoating and patching three to five hundred thousand square foot complexes.

The company recently launched a Potholes Division dedicated specifically to pothole repairs found on commercial lots to residential driveways. They will fill in and fix potholes holding water and damaging vehicles.

The company’s Mission Statement is to provide superb quality services built on integrity that business owners and residential customers alike trust and recognize for being offered at a fair and market competitive price.


  • In 2020, Love’s Asphalt Solutions won a Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction Award for Small Sealcoat and Stripe Projects from an industry professional organization.
  • In 2023, Love’s won a Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction Award for a Large Sealcoat and Stripe Project from an industry professional organization.
  • In 2022, Love’s Asphalt Solutions was awarded Top Contractor for Paving from Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction Magazine.