Falcon’s latest patch truck helps its customers soar

Asphalt patching is essential in maintaining roadways, parking lots and other paved surfaces. The ability to fill numerous potholes daily is a challenge that road crews regularly face nationwide. Asphalt patch trucks offer a unique solution for repairing numerous potholes daily. However, many patch trucks on the market suffer from a wide range of issues, such as reduced uptime, expensive repairs and skilled-labor requirements. Because of these issues, many pass on patch trucks all together and instead use trailer- or truck-mounted units, or even just a standard dump truck.

That’s where Falcon Asphalt Repair Equipment comes in. Falcon produces the industry’s top asphalt hot boxes used by thousands of municipalities, departments of transportation and contractors across the country. The company is known for superior engineering and quality in the boxes that it manufactures. With innovative designs like its patented heat management system, voltage interruption protection (V.I.P), seamless one-piece combustion chamber and its new digital controller, Falcon continues to push the limit on what’s possible with patching equipment. The people at Falcon saw the need for a new approach to asphalt patch trucks and leaned on their industry expertise to make it happen.

The Falcon Patch Truck Advantage
The Falcon patch truck solves many of the problems other patch trucks have while also providing all the benefits found on its standard trailer- and truck-mounted hot boxes. Like all the equipment that Falcon manufacturers, the patch truck was built with the needs and wants of its customers in mind.

No CDL Required
One of the biggest advantages to a Falcon Patch truck is it doesn’t include an auger, conveyor or the hydraulics to operate them. These components add a substantial amount of weight to the machine. Instead, it uses a much lighter gravity dump system to deliver asphalt material to the pothole or utility cut. Fewer moving parts mean that the Falcon patch truck weighs under 26,000 lbs GVWR—meaning anyone with a standard driver’s license can drive and operate it. Even if you have CDL drivers on staff you can benefit from the flexibility that the lack of a CDL requirement provides. Scrambling to find someone qualified to drive your truck is not an issue with a Falcon Patch Truck.

Reduced Maintenance
Since Falcon patch trucks do not have an auger, conveyor, hydraulics or other moving parts to disperse the asphalt, they require less maintenance than a competing patch truck. Fixing these moving parts can be complex, time consuming and expensive. That often means having a vital piece of equipment sitting idle in your yard for extended periods of time, costing you money. Thanks to the simplicity of the gravity dump, the only upkeep requirements are to keep the battery maintained and charged.

Improved Productivity
Falcon hot boxes are designed to keep asphalt hot all day, even in cold temperatures, whether you’re using cold or hot mix. Asphalt being at the correct working temperature allows for a more permanent patch. Due to the innovative design of all Falcon machines, you can reasonably reduce the number of trips to repair the same pothole by up to five times and save 60–80% in material and labor when compared to using a dump truck. The gravity assist dumping feature also means workers won’t have to wait for a slow auger or conveyor belt to deliver material to the ground. Increasing the number of potholes that your road crew can fill each day will improve productivity.

Improved Safety
Falcon Patch Trucks are also designed to increase the safety of road crews. The lowered shoveling deck height of this truck will help alleviate worker fatigue, potential injuries and workers’ compensation claims. In addition, the majority of the equipment, such as the controller, tack tank and spoils bin are located on the passenger or curb side of the truck in order to keep your road crews out of traffic.

Improved Maneuverability
It’s challenging to navigate tight city streets with any type of trailer-mounted machine. This is why many road crews utilize standard dump trucks to navigate those locations. However, standard dump trucks do not allow for the material to stay at the optimal temperature to create a permanent patch. Falcon Asphalt Patch Trucks allow your workers to operate in any area with ease while keeping material easily workable. Whether you have tight city streets with parking on both sides or a lot of alleys, a patch truck could be the right solution for your operation.

Ability to Hold Material Overnight
Falcon patch trucks allow your workers to hold material overnight; they simply need to turn the internal temperature down to keep the material warm (180-200 degrees for hot mix) and turn the heat back up before returning to work. They can avoid the long lines at the asphalt plant or sitting in rush-hour morning traffic. Keeping material warm overnight will help save money and eliminate a trip to the asphalt facility to return unused material.

You can also plan future work around the ability to hold material overnight; since many asphalt plants aren’t open on Sundays, workers can pick up the material on Saturday, hold it overnight at your yard and patch potholes on Sunday. Additionally, in many cold weather states, asphalt plants are closed during the winter months.

Falcon prides itself on providing machines that fit its customers needs and wants. The majority of the optional equipment on the machine is bolted on (spoils bins, tack tanks, etc.) utilizing Falcon’s unique modular design that can easily be moved to fit different customer needs. This flexibility also extends to the actual truck itself because Falcon engineered its patch truck to work with several different Class 6 vehicles. This is yet another way Falcon puts the customer first.

The Future Is Now With Falcon
In January of 2019, Falcon opened the doors to its new, state-of-the-art, 54,000-square foot manufacturing facility. This investment was made to ensure that it could continue to produce the highest quality machines that deliver superior performance. With Falcon’s latest entry into the patch truck market, it has shown a continued effort to push the boundaries of what’s possible with asphalt repair equipment. By focusing on meeting customer needs, it has found effective ways to help solve the complex problem of filling potholes with easy-to-use equipment. The future continues to look very bright at Falcon.

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