By Monica Pitts

Navigating the world of mindset and marketing can be a tricky feat.

Why? Because your mindset seeps into everything you do, especially in the realm of marketing. Whether you’re a designer crafting visuals or a marketer creating social media content, your mindset can influence the outcome. If you’re not excited about your work, it reflects in your designs and messages.

That’s why understanding and shaping our mindset as marketers is crucial.

The Power of Mindset
Growth Mindset
If you’re a glass-half-full human, you’re likely sporting a growth mindset. Embracing challenges. Believing your effort is the path to developing your abilities, and dictating your success.

Fixed Mindset
Most glass-half-empty folks suffer from a fixed mindset. Tending to avoid challenges because they believe that their abilities are unchangeable. It leads to a fear of failure.

Not sure if you have a fixed marketing mindset?
If you say or think:

  •  I just don’t want to bother them, or bother them.
  •  If I contact people too much, they’re just going to unsubscribe, because I’m just cluttering their inbox.
  • They probably don’t want to hear from me anyway, they have better things to do.

You’re trending towards fixed.

If you approach marketing with a fixed or glass-half-full mindset, you hesitate to take action, sometimes not taking action at all, stopping before you even start.

Successful marketing if fueled by action.

The more emails and social posts you write, the better they’ll be. You’re not automatically going to be good at it. It takes effort. When you put in the work and then review how your marketing performs and adjust to make it better, you’re learning, evolving and trending towards success.

A fixed mindset leaves you fixed in place, not taking action towards successful marketing.

But let’s be real…everyone can feel a little glass-half-empty from time to time.

How do you keep your glass full and stop excessively apologizing to people about bothering them?

You start at the beginning:

1. Love Your Purpose
Start by being your own biggest cheerleader. Love what your business does and understand why it’s awesome. Embrace your purpose, and let that enthusiasm shine through in your marketing.

If you can’t genuinely love what you do, your marketing efforts will fall flat. When you try to fake it, you just sound salesy. And nobody likes salesy content, we just ignore it, right? It’s gross.

2. Know Your Audience
Marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all game. While you are speaking to a crowd; you’re engaging with individuals, each with their unique needs and preferences. You don’t need to talk to everyone. You only need to talk to the people you can help.

Do your homework and create buyer personas. Understand the people you’re trying to reach. What are their challenges, interests, and values? Let this information guide your messaging to connect with the people you can help.

3. Embrace Your Audience as Friends
Shift your perspective. Your audience isn’t a faceless crowd; they’re your friends. They weren’t forced to join your list or follow you on social media under pressure. They CHOSE to connect with you and because of that they also expect to hear from you.

4. Offer Value
Instead of thinking you’re bothering your audience, remind yourself that you’re offering value.

When you offer value and be a problem solver your marketing isn’t an intrusion; it’s a service. It’s a friend reaching out to another friend who is facing a problem. You wouldn’t hesitate to offer a solution or share something uplifting to a friend.

Your marketing is an opportunity to contribute something valuable to other people’s lives.

5. Let the Trolls Go
Don’t be disheartened by unsubscribes or negative responses. If someone doesn’t appreciate the value you bring, it’s their loss. Focus on the audience that appreciates your message and is genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

6. Be a Problem Solver, Not a Salesperson
Shift your mindset from selling to problem-solving. People want solutions to their problems. Your job is to show them how your product or service can make their lives better.

In the world of marketing, your mindset is a powerful tool.

By embracing a growth mindset, loving your purpose, understanding your audience, and offering genuine value, you can transform your marketing approach. Remember, your audience is not just a faceless mass; they’re your friends who need your expertise and solutions.
So, the next time you sit down to create that social post or write that email, channel these 6 tricks to project a glass-half-full mindset. Marketing will still be a learning curve but with the right mindset, you’ll not only connect better with your audience but you might actually start to like it!

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