To introduce a Revolutionary Robotic Pavement Marking Solution

RoadPrintz Inc. and EZ Liner-Arrow are pleased to announce their partnership, including the introduction of their revolutionary operator-driven, truck-mounted, mobile robotic pavement marking solution. This innovation is set to transform the pavement marking industry by replacing the dangerous and inefficient century-old practice of hand stenciling with a safer and more efficient approach.

RoadPrintz Inc. and EZ Liner-Arrow share the goal of increasing worker safety and operational efficiency in the pavement marking industry. The stencil-free legend painting and transverse markings of this innovation keep boots off the ground and road crews safely inside the vehicle.
Sam Bell, a member of his community’s Traffic Advisory Council, noted the outdated, expensive, and dangerous process of road marking. In partnership with Wyatt Newman, a robotics professor at Case Western Reserve University, Bell discussed the potential of using robots for road painting. Combining Bell’s knowledge of automotive systems with Newman’s expertise in robotics software, they co-founded RoadPrintz in 2018. In 2022, RoadPrintz introduced “Electra,” a patented robotic system built on a Ford-550 super-duty chassis. This system can safely and precisely mark various road elements like intersections, crosswalks, bike lanes, etc.

Excited to join forces, RoadPrintz combines their cutting-edge technology with EZ Liner-Arrow’s extensive experience in the road marking industry. Together, they offer an innovative solution, merging technology and reliable manufacturing for the market. The partnership stems from a shared vision of integrating RoadPrintz’s technology with EZ Liner-Arrow’s market knowledge and service excellence. EZ Liner-Arrow, recognized as a top-tier manufacturing and sales partner, strengthens RoadPrintz’s entry into the market.

RoadPrintz expresses gratitude for the support received from the National Science Foundation, which played a crucial role in the development of the technology underlying this revolutionary robotic pavement marking system. Additionally, they extend appreciation to the Ohio Development Department, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), and the Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise for their support and collaboration in bringing this cutting-edge technology to fruition. – More –

The collaborative efforts of RoadPrintz Inc. and EZ Liner-Arrow signify a significant leap forward in the pavement marking industry, aligning with their commitment to advancing public safety with integrity and operational excellence. They aim to achieve this mission by introducing a revolutionary technology that simplifies and skillfully provides public safety equipment, materials, and services, making work easier for professionals in the field.

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