Marathon Equipment is innovating new ways to stay on top

After 25 years at the top of the mastic industry, it would be understandable if Marathon Equipment, Inc. got a bit static. But the folks at the Ontario-based manufacturer seem to understand their spot at the top of the mastic-mixing world is a lot like the material they work with; you need to keep mixing things up if you want it to stick. That’s the idea behind Marathon Equipment, Inc.’s newest and most advanced mastic mixers, the MM250ADT and the MM350ADT. These melters are equipped with an external oil-jacketed auger dispenser, which has changed the way mastics can be utilized going forward.

History of mastic mixers
Back in 1999, mastics weren’t as widely used in North America as they were in Europe; in fact, mastics were reserved almost exclusively for the repair of bridge joints. The innovative materials required special equipment to melt, mix and dispense, making the mastic melters Marathon Equipment, Inc. was designing and producing some of the pavement maintenance industry’s first. By 2015, having recognized the long-term potential of mastics and their unique ability to repair a variety of common pavement distress, materials manufacturer Maxwell Products began developing its industry-leading GAP-Mastic and GAP-Patch. Finally, mastics were a realistic solution for a wider range of projects.

Evolution of mastics
As mastics grew in popularity, Marathon met every material innovation with newer and better mastic mixers, maintaining its position at the top of the industry. Maxwell Products’ more-robust materials, for example, required equipment modifications to increase the efficiency of the heating systems, make the agitator more durable and improve the facility from which material is dispensed.

Application methods have evolved over time as well. Various-sized hand tool applicators, such as flat irons, U-squeegees and drag boxes, are available to be used in tandem with the propane-fired tool heater equipped on every melter. Keeping these hand tools hot while working is necessary to manipulate the mastic.

Marathon Equipment, Inc. is now taking another technological leap ahead of its competition by being the only mixer to offer the patented Helix Flow Controller.

As pavement repair materials have become thicker and denser, dispensing the products has also become more challenging. To solve this problem, Maxwell Products developed a patented, auger-based system which reaches inside the melter and pulls material out without clogging. After thousands of hours of testing and multiple design iterations, it is the only system like it on the market, offered exclusively by Marathon Equipment, Inc. The Helix Flow Controller allows you to dispense uniform mastic material more easily, and at a consistent rate. This allows for wider repairs using a 4-foot drag box that’s pulled behind the trailer.

Why use mastic?
Most patching solutions attempt to replace failed pavement but by doing so fail to solve the underlying issue responsible for the original failure — movement. To truly fix failed pavement, the repair crew must either replace and stabilize the base or utilize a repair material delivering much greater flexibility and adhesion to accommodate the movement. Maxwell Products’ GAP-Mastic and GAP-Patch combine the flexibility of hot-applied sealants with the durability and load-bearing capacity of pavement to greatly reduce long-term repair costs, restore the pavement ride and effect strong, stable, permanent repairs. These materials were designed to handle vehicle traffic, snowplows, water, weather and pedestrian travel so well that it’s easy to forget a problem ever existed. Marathon Equipment, Inc.’s new mastic mixers were designed to make sure that happens.

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Thanks to the innovations of Marathon Equipment and Maxwell Products, mastic has changed the north American pavement maintenance industry forever. This versatile material has revolutionized the repair of:

  1.  Wide cracks.
  2. Fatigue cracking (alligators).
  3. Cupping.
  4. Rutting.
  5. Raveling.
  6. Shoving.
  7. Shoulder Deterioration.
  8. Utility cuts and trenches.
  9. Manholes, drains and gutters.
  10. Voids and potholes.
  11. Depressions.
  12. Bridge Joints & Deck Repairs.
  13. Open seams.
  14. Rumble strips.

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