Another season, another sit down with industry vets Mark & Brad from Maintenance, Inc.

Another season is upon us and Maintenance Inc./Able Industries in Wooster, Ohio is already in full swing! we recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mark McLeod, the president/CEO of Maintenance Inc./Able Industries and recent 2023 Pavement Magazine Hall of Fame inductee, and Brad Eagle, the vice president of sales, to discuss their annual outlook for contractors and the distributors they supply.

Allied Paving Equipment:
“Mark, what changes in the pavement maintenance markets do you see coming down the pipeline for the 2024 season?”

Mark McLeod:
“Well, once again we are in the midst of a US presidential election. And just like the last election, people are edgy, and some are worried that the outcome in power might change the economy, creating disrupted supply chains and price increases with labor shortages.

I have long said that our industry is a resilient industry that has weathered many storms. But through it all, pavement maintenance contractors and distributors, an essential business in the country, seem to thrive. I see a flat line for price increases. The pandemic hangover to me is a thing of the past. So, we’ve moved on!

As far as workloads and equipment sales from our ABLE equipment division, parts sales are brisk and are earlier than they have been in the past couple of years, so I anticipate contractors are gearing up earlier this year. I feel the weather and heavier customer acquisitions have contributed to this.”

Brad Eagle:
“There is so much buzz in our industry right now that it makes one’s head spin! From Washington to Florida, our distributors have been ordering more often and earlier than we have seen in a few years. Our FSA and FASS DRI sales have increased substantially from even 2023, which was a fabulous year for Maintenance Inc./ABLE Industries.

On the local scene, I have contractors telling me that they are almost booked 4 months out on projects. Leading me to believe that 2024 will be a good, solid year for the pavement maintenance industry. Being a realist, weather has played a big part in contractors getting out the door sooner. We have seen an increase in crack repair products and Pothole Patch, repairs that can be done in marginal, dry weather. My 2023 top authorized applicator told me that their phone has been ringing more often and earlier than in other years. So that means that their workload is going to be heavier than in past seasons. I see good things coming down the pavement maintenance road this year.”

“Mark, you seem excited to be kicking off the 2024 season. Why the big smile?”

“My team has been evaluating our new developments pertaining to the asphalt emulsion sealers that are being applied nationwide. Our research and trials over the past three years have been completed on a product called OxiBond primer. OxiBond primer was developed to combat rock polish and tire cutting in tight turn lanes. It can be diluted with water 1:1. A benefit we discovered during the trials is that it can be used as an oil spot treatment.
So, the thrust of Oxibond primer’s development as a pre-sealer application primer that stains the surface and creates a bonding agent for the sealer to adhere to, a primer that is easy to apply and also has the added benefit of an oil spot treatment product all in one was the goal! And we achieved that! We officially have rolled out Oxibond primer with great results. Contractors like the fact that they have an extra layer of protection to combat the ugly whitening characteristics of rock polish on parking lot entrances and exits. They also like that this can be sprayed utilizing their existing sealcoating spray equipment, no special equipment is needed!”

Brad, you also seem to be happy with the new products Maintenance Inc. as developed and are currently marketing. Any other new products you are rolling out in 2024 that you can share?

“RubberFlo has me excited! This was developed to be a great cold pour with the characteristics of a hot pour – flexibility, reducing crack hair lining, and a great elasticity that sets fast! Mark and I have great expectations with this cold pour, and I doubt that you will find another product that will do what RubberFlo can do. No heating costs, no big equipment to buy – you get the characteristics of a hot pour in a pail!”

“How does one go about ordering these new products? And what does one do if they have questions prior to ordering?”

“You can order Oxibond primer and RubberFlo from a Maintenance Inc. distributor nearest you. You can also order online at or call our office at 800-892-6701 and one of our sales reps can answer any questions you may have and help set you up with these great products and more.”

In conclusion, both Mark and Brad are optimistic about the pavement maintenance industry’s outlook for the 2024 season. They believe that the contractors and distributors can gear up earlier this year, and with the heavy workload and increased sales, good things are expected to come down the pavement maintenance road.

Maintenance Inc. is celebrating 86 years of servicing the pavement maintenance industry and still going strong! Through its distributors worldwide, it provides the contractor-proven products and equipment needed to get the job done right. Mark and Brad can be reached at 800-892-6701 or by email at Visit Maintenance Inc. online at