Construction Angels’ Scholarships and Educational Support

By Kristi Ronyak

At Construction Angels, our mission is simple yet profound, to offer financial and emotional support to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one in a construction related accident. We also provide scholarship opportunities to help our hard-working construction families. Our scholarships are a way to assist families with paying to further their children’s education. We are thrilled to announce we are accepting applications and encourage students to apply through July 12.

We encourage students to seize this chance to further their education and career aspirations. The Construction Angels Scholarship Fund has three sections. Two of these are designed for two types of students and the third is an Educational Fund for organizations.

The first scholarship is for children seeking to pursue a career in the construction industry. The Construction Angels Scholarship aims to support and empower aspiring individuals who demonstrate exceptional promise and dedication to the field of construction. We believe that investing in the education and development of future industry leaders is crucial for the advancement and sustainability of the construction sector. We believe that our children’s passion for the industry and their dedication to academic excellence is important and needed for their success and safety of others.

The second type is for children who have suffered a loss of a parent due to a construction related fatality. When the financial burden is left to one parent to help their child or children succeed to further their education, we provide financial assistance toward their career choice to fill the financial void. They can choose any type of career. It does not have to be in the industry.

The third type is our Educational Fund, open to any organization that needs additional assistance to teach about the construction industry. This program is open to vocational and trade schools, construction programs (through various training organizations or companies) and even high school construction programs, such as Construction Career Days.

The Scholarship Application and Educational Fund application can be found on our website at, under the Contact Us/Programs tab. Each year, students can re-apply until they finish their education. Organizations can also re-apply for additional funds they lack to continue educating.

Construction Angels relies primarily on donations through fundraisers, but we accept all donations to benefiting families of “One of our Own.” If you choose to make a donation specific for education, please mention “Scholarships” in the memo. Twenty-five percent of proceeds from each fundraiser is set aside for scholarships and education to give back to our industry, and 75% for aid to families when the unthinkable happens. Our fundraisers can be in addition to associations that support us that also have scholarships to member children, to help our families receive aid when they need it the most.

By applying, not only do students have the opportunity to receive financial support, but also to help their parents who are diligently working to continue providing for their families. As our industry works towards building our country, Construction Angels is working to provide support to our industry families, one family at a time. We invite you to join us in our mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of families in need.

For more information on upcoming events or on other ways to support Construction Angels, please visit our website: