By Sam Van Der Stoep

For nearly six decades, EZ Liner has stood at the forefront of innovation in the pavement marking industry, continually guided by values of safety, service, and a relentless drive to innovate. Born out of necessity in 1965, EZ Liner emerged when their highway painting crews decided to build their own marking equipment to address the inefficiencies in the equipment they encountered on the job. What began as an off-season project quickly evolved into a full-time manufacturing endeavor, marking the birth of the EZ Liner brand—a name now synonymous with excellence and innovation in pavement marking.

This continuous quest for innovation led EZ Liner to acquire Arrow Striping and Manufacturing, Inc. in 2023, a move that expanded its product line and reinforced its commitment to serving as a one-stop supplier for pavement marking solutions. Arrow Striping brought a longstanding legacy of providing top-of-the-line, rugged, road-tested, and purpose-built equipment. Every piece of their equipment stands as proof of their commitment to provide top-tier products, custom-designed and manufactured to meet the unique needs and demands of their customers. At the heart of their operation is a dedication to innovation, continuously challenging the status quo to guarantee that what customers receive are not merely products, but purpose-built solutions constructed to redefine standards in pavement marking. Additionally, their roots in road striping and removal reinforced the valuable hands-on experience and expertise of the EZ Liner family, further enhancing the brand’s capability to meet diverse customer needs.

At the beginning of this year, in another bold step towards enhancing safety and efficiency in pavement marking, EZ Liner-Arrow partnered with RoadPrintz, Inc. to introduce “Electra”—a state-of-the-art, truck-mounted robotic system designed to revolutionize the way road elements like stop bars, turning lanes, crosswalks, and bike lanes are marked. The introduction of “Electra” addresses a critical demand for safer and more efficient pavement marking solutions. By keeping crews safely inside the vehicle, EZ Liner-Arrow & RoadPrintz demonstrate their commitment to not only meeting but exceeding industry standards for safety and innovation. This approach marks a step forward in technological advancement reinforcing EZ Liner-Arrow’s position as a leader in customer-focused solutions within the pavement marking industry.

Today, EZ Liner-Arrow’s portfolio includes a diverse range of pavement marking and maintenance equipment, including air-atomized and airless latex paint stripers, epoxy and plural component stripers, thermoplastic stripers, surface prep and removal equipment such as grinders, groovers, and rumble strip trucks, as well as a variety of specialty equipment. With options ranging from fully custom-built to in-stock, pre-engineered equipment, EZ Liner-Arrow not only meets but anticipates the needs of the industry.

Following this principle, EZ Liner-Arrow has a skilled and dedicated sales team with roots in highway striping, ensuring customers a smooth buying experience from design to build, and guaranteeing each customer the right solution for their operation. EZ Liner-Arrow also offers numerous cooperative purchasing options for government and municipal clients, including Sourcewell, Canoe, and HGAC, resulting in an easier and more efficient procurement process.
The company’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the sale to include a full line of post-purchase services, from training to on-site or in-house repair and maintenance, ensuring customers receive seamless support throughout the life of their equipment.

As we look to the future, EZ Liner-Arrow remains dedicated to pioneering solutions that simplify and enhance public safety through innovation and automation. Our mission to deliver world-class solutions and serve our customers with excellence continues to be the guiding force behind our success. With EZ Liner-Arrow, the journey towards safer, more efficient pavement marking is not just a possibility—it’s a reality we’re building every day.

Sam Van Der Stoep is a Marketing Specialist at EZ Liner-Arrow

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