Cimline knows that innovation is key to longevity. A renowned leader in pavement maintenance equipment, Cimline continues to expand the paved boundaries of technology with the ongoing improvement of their equipment, training materials and service.

For more than 50 years, customers have come to depend on Cimline, through conversations with the market they have worked to create machines that are simple to use, reliable and robust. With the launch of the mastic series, Cimline evolved the ME3 Mastic Melter which uses pre-packaged mastic for ease of use. The agitation mixer has been updated as well as the new, easy-to-open, ergonomic loading doors. Cimline has also added its M Series control box with temperature interlocks for efficient, one-touch operation. The ME3 now includes a diesel toolbox heater and can be fitted with various drag box sizes or used with the new ME Bander Applicator.

The launch of the ME Bander Applicator was driven by the need for multiple people to spread mastic at the same time. The mastic buggy provides an air jacket insulated 10-gallon material holding box, an insulated lid, temperature gauge, propane heat and an adjustable 4” to 8” bander box. The 10.50” rear wheels and front mounted caster wheels allow for easy transportation and maneuverability.

And the improvement continues with Cimline’s next generation R3 Router. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the R3 features a dependable 27 HP Kohler engine, as well as improved weight and balance. The addition of the electric clutch drum operation provides maximum torque per brake radius.
Improving equipment is only a piece of Cimline’s success. Training and visibility are just as important for Cimline dealers and customers. Be on the lookout for Cimline’s new website. The site has been given a fresh, modern look and made more user-friendly than ever before. The goal was to provide customers with an intuitive experience that highlights its innovative pavement maintenance solutions. The Cimline site has improved accessibility and a focus on visual content. Customers will easily be able to find the products they need and the tools to support their fleet. The resources tab on the website provides access to training on their machines.

Training has always been a core focus for the Cimline team, whether that is training in the field, easy to read manuals or training videos such as the Cimline Academy. This year Cimline has dedicated resources to expanding the number of videos within that platform, with a focus on the patching process and the Cimline patching machines.

Videos are available on the Cimline Academy for operations, troubleshooting and service training tools. These videos have been extremely successful for core products like melter applicators, spray patching and mastic equipment. This handy platform is available on any mobile device or a desktop at any service center.
Cimline is continuously improving its reach and availability for its customers. Alongside expanding its dealer network with top-of-class distributors, Cimline also partners with cooperative contracts that satisfy the bid process through Sourcewell and NASPO. Over the last year, Cimline has included quality service-based organizations like Haaker Equipment Company in California and Nevada. SEI increased territory to upstate New York; Valley Supply & Equipment began offering service to Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia; and McGrath Municipal is now in New Jersey.

Cimline continues with a non-stop commitment to ongoing innovation. Its products are trusted and dependable, and its distributors are well-trained and widely available. Improvements in quality, safety, ease of use and affordability are more than just core values. It’s the Cimline way.

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