By Bryce Davis

It’s funny, we all have had these thoughts from time to time. If I can buy that truck direct from the manufacturer, I’ll save so much money. Or if I could buy that motorcycle direct from the manufacturer, win, win. Or that asphalt paver, save, save, save. But what do all of these purchases need? Local support. When our favorite truck break down, are we calling the manufacturer to come out and help us? Or when we’re out for a motorcycle ride on a nice sunny weekend day, and we start to have trouble, are you calling the manufacturer? Again, we’ve all thought it, and have been there. The cost of your asphalt paver is not just the selling price, it’s the overall cost of ownership, maintenance, upkeep, interest, trade in value, etc. This is the true cost you’ll have in owning your asphalt paver.

Let’s look at the “Value” that your local Asphalt Dealership brings to you and your company. Most of these locally owned asphalt dealership are family owned and have been in the asphalt business a very long time. What does this relate to, passion. Not all dealership do asphalt products, some just handle dirt products. So if they have chosen to specialize in asphalt products, they love it. Most asphalt dealerships will have a story to tell you, like my grandfather started this business by selling this brand of pavers, or rollers or we started by just fixing machines. Whatever the story is, it all relates back to their family and culture for the love of the asphalt business, it’s in their DNA. I know some dealership owners that love asphalt as much as you love your dog. This is local experience and expertise that you and your company can count on every day of your asphalt paver ownership. The commitment to a very high performance culture along with their industry, application and market knowledge is second to none.

Asphalt dealerships are different in the way they support you, the customer, to be a winner in your market place. It’s not just the place you buy your asphalt paver from, it’s the life of that unit, they can help you finance your purchase, start up training on your new paver, help you with other asphalt items needed for your success such as lutes, string line, tools, jumping jacks, tampers, safety vest, etc. the list can go on and on here. They’ll have a knowledgeable parts staff and a fully stocked parts dept. They’ll have factory trained service techs with mobile service if needed. With the new technology in today’s world including but not limited to Tier 4F engines, diagnosis and repair are essential in keeping you up and running when it’s needed.

Wait there’s more that your local asphalt dealership can offer, such as demos when looking at something new. Rentals when you need an extra paver for that extra work you just picked up. Or the high quality used equipment for adding to your fleet during the year. Some offer yearly educational/training classes for you and your crew on paver maintenance, application, safety and markets. Most dealers are being proactive and offering customers uptime kits/maintenance kits, because time is money. Most dealerships will offer some type of a winter paver maintenance and or rebuild program or service. What they do have, is “Unmatched Local Asphalt Support” They’re in business for your success.

The best way to keep in touch with your local asphalt dealership, is through your dealerships salesmen, right? Yes, but some even go a little extra here to keep the communication open for you by offering mobile friendly web-sites, some even have dealership apps now. Most offer cook outs, fish fries, golf outings, open house events and holiday events all for their customers. These asphalt dealerships are ready for any condition you might face, they’re ready for your challenge.

I hope that I’ve opened your eyes on the extra value and cost savings that your locally owned asphalt dealership can bring to you and your crew every day. They’re a business partner focused on you and your success. That’s what makes it a win, win.

Bryce Davis is the Director of Sales at ST Engineering LeeBoy, Inc. You can contact him at


Brian Hall is the territory manager of Mid South Region at ST Engineering LeeBoy, Inc. You can contact him at Article sponsored by LeeBoy and Rosco.