By Bryce Davis

We all love the smell of fresh asphalt or we wouldn’t be in this business. Often riding in a car with family or friends I’d often hear oh, what’s that smell? And I’d respond with what smell? … it smells good to me. I think once you’re in the asphalt industry at any level, it’s in your blood for the rest of your life. You might change jobs or industries but that smell will always be with you for life.

One thing that is true in the asphalt world, is it’s hard work. If you’re not use to working hard, then this industry isn’t for you. This takes me back to the two-a-day high school summer football workout practices we use to have in full gear.

Wear the correct clothing and gear to protect your skin from the hot asphalt and the hot sun. Wear a hard hat or some type of hat to protect the top of your head from the sun. Wear a gator or face wrap to protect yourself from the sun or these days, Covid as well. Wear sunscreen to protect any skin which is open to the sun. Make sure that you or your crew also have plenty of water or Gatorade for the day to keep yourself hydrated. Remember we need to make it through the whole paving season safely, not just the day.

The paving industry is tough, and sometimes the weather conditions we all work in can be even worse. Make sure to plan for the weather every day, and what you and your crew will need to make it through safely.

Here’s to enjoying all of those long hot and humid summer paving days. The ones that we seem to remember for a long time. Make them all safe ones so we can all return home to our loved ones each day.

Bryce Davis, Director of Sales, STE LeeBoy. He can be reached via email at